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The jotun are giant humanoids who have been seen living in the Shiverpeak Mountains; they are said to be "interlinked" with ogres. Once being a grand race, they now survive as savages in the citadels of their ancestors.


Jotun appear as large bipedal figures akin to ogres, appearing as enlarged forms of humans or norn. However, their skin looks vastly different in that it appears to be paler in some cases, or with a blue tint in others. Likewise, their faces appear to be deformed in contrast to the smaller races.


The jotun divide themselves into tribes based on relation or union, and are extremely hostile to all outside of that tribe. They hold strength above all else, and are highly narcissistic, leading them to viewing all others lesser than them and in turn hunting them down. The jotun's internal warfare focuses on the elimination of all jotun without blood-relation to a tribe.

They further separate their society based on sexes, with males being more aggressive and taking leadership roles while females are left to childbearing. Because of the hostility, the jotun heavily protect their females and children in order to ensure their tribe continues on. As such, they are rarely seen by anyone outside of the tribe.

Unlike other more primitive races, the jotun do not hold any moral codes or sense of honor. They will do what they view is necessary to eliminate their foes and benefits themselves. Any deals they make will be broken once they view it is no longer in their interest, even if it means killing their own leader.


The jotun do not have a traditional religion. Instead of gods or worship, they take their legends of the past almost to a religious level and look up to their ancestors, calling upon their aid and attempting to emulate them through their actions. There are also cases of jotun preferring to revere themselves.


The modern jotun tribes are led by the strongest individual in the tribe, regardless of what form that strength takes as long as it is shown through force. If another jotun in the tribe believes that the leader showed a sign of weakness, the leader would be attacked and replaced regardless of the ramifications to the tribe.


Despite their modern appearance, the jotun were once a highly advanced race. They had technology and magic which is rumored to predate the Six Human Gods and the bloodstones, and with such they built grand enchanted monuments on the highest peaks of the Shiverpeaks. Led by their "giant-kings," the jotuns proclaimed themselves rulers of the Shiverpeak Mountains during these times. In time, they called themselves the superior race and became obsessed with the purity of their blood, as well as the heroes, warlords, and giant-kings in each lineage. In time, lineage became the reason for taking one mate over another, seizing land, and wiping out other "lesser" tribes.

The jotun defeated all the threats that threatened them, but they could not adjust to peace. In their self-absorbed obsession and pride, their great-kings turned on each other and began civil war after civil war, each one seeking ultimate control. In these wars, their lore-keepers, sages, and mystics were killed off and the knowledge of using their magic and technology became lost to them, leaving only the monuments behind as the race fell from power over the centuries.



  • Jotun is pronounced "JŌ-tun."
  • Some jotun wield a jotun sword.

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