Juvenile Murellow

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Juvenile Murellow.png

Juvenile Murellow

The elusive murellow's body courses with poisons, giving it a sickly appearance and causing its hair to fall out. Despite its gaunt frame, it is a fierce protector, spitting clouds of poison as it shrugs off attacks.

— Acht

Juvenile Murellowes are amphibious pets that can be charmed by rangers.

Pet skills and attributes[править]

Murellow pets use the following skills:

Умения Juvenile Murellow
Слот умения Умение Описание
Общие для семейства bear
Slash (bear).png
Порезать противника своими когтями.
Bite (bear).png
Укусить противника и даровать себе регенерацию здоровья.
Defy Pain.png
 Defy Pain
Вы не получаете урон в течение следующих нескольких секунд.
Poison Cloud (murellow).png
 Poison Cloud
Выпустить ядовитое облако, которое отравляет противников и наносит им урон.
 Poisonous Maul
Нанести противнику жестокий удар и отравить его.

На 80-м уровне, питомцы juvenile murellow имеют следующие начальные атрибуты:

Power.png Сила 1374
Precision.png Точность 1374
Toughness.png Прочность 1374
Vitality.png Живучесть 4122
Ferocity.png Свирепость 0
Healing Power.png Сила исцеления 0
Condition Damage.png Урон от состояний 0
Agony Resistance.png Сопротивление агонии 0


The murellow is nobody’s favorite creature, least of all the norn – not only do they threaten livestock and caravans, but they don’t even make good trophies when mounted on the wall. Murellows typically dwell in very deep cave systems, but retain the eyesight that was the mark of their forebears – badger-like beings who lived in large familial groups. Murellows have recently been sighted close to the surface in disturbing numbers, likely the result of destroyers driving them from their original territories.

Murellows are opportunistic pack hunters, but will scavenge on occasion, their habits closest to those of rats or dogs. Though one single murellow may not be as much of a threat (aside from the danger of the many diseases that it carries), a roaming pack is a danger even to trained warriors. Though it typically goes after docile prey, it has a habit of ganging up on unsuspecting creatures… rumors have spoken of caravans attacked in the night, and grown norn falling to their foul poisons. Murellows are aggressive and expansionist as well, and will viciously defend what they have marked as their territory.

ArenaNet blog


Location in Brilitine Swath
Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains
Steamspur Mountains


  • The murellow was named and designed as described in the ArenaNet Blog