Kalla Scorchrazor

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Kalla Scorchrazor was a charr heroine who famously defeated the Flame Legion and returned charr society to its old ways, a revolution that had started generations before, with her grandfather, Pyre Fierceshot's defeat of Hierophant Burntsoul. After female charr were denied a place on the battlefield, they trained in secret for many generations.

During the revolution, Scorchrazor suggested to allow female charr to fight alongside the males, but there was disagreement among many of the males. She then laid a challenge for the imperator of the Iron Legion, Forge Ironstrike, in a one on one combat in the ruined arena of Rin. Supported by her father, the imperator of the Blood Legion, she defeated Ironstrike and won rights for the female charr.

When the Flame Legion went to battle with the other charr legions on the Plains of Golghein, they were outnumbered by double the forces due to the female troops. After the Flame Legion's surrender, the imperator of the Flame Legion assassinated Scorchrazor for the humiliation she brought him.