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Осторожно, спойлеры: Следующий текст содержит спойлеры, связанные с историей Edge of Destiny.
Klab, also known as Master Klab or Councilor Klab, is an asura who experimented with a "Flying Puffball" and also tried to find a method to keep food cold. He created a caldera plug, which was a bluish cluster of arcane crystals that dangled from a single cord. This invention was used to cool and solidify remnant lava to stop any new destroyers from rising after the members of Destiny's Edge killed the Destroyer of Life. Wanting to take credit for the caldera plug, Klab was appointed, much to his reluctance, director of pest control by the Arcane Council instead of Snaff.


  • Klab's method to keep food cold uses a technology of his being referred to as a "magic icebox," possibly the Tyrian equivalent of a refrigerator.