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Kryta is the last human kingdom in Tyria. It is ruled by Queen Jennah, the last known surviving descendant of King Doric, from the grand city of Divinity's Reach.

The bountiful fields of Kryta are the home of the humans, once the predominant race of Tyria. Now the fields and plains of Kryta comprise the last human kingdom in Tyria.

The rise of the Orr peninsula had flooded Kryta's coastline, destroying the city of Lion's Arch and causing the populace to retreat to the northern expanses. When the flood receded, Lion's Arch became a shantytown, built and ruled by lawless outcasts and brigands. In the last century, it has matured, becoming a unique, cosmopolitan city that rejects the queen's rule and claims to be a free city state, open to all races and cultures.

To the south, the floods ravaged the coasts, opening sheltered bays for pirates, bandits and hylek tribes.

Kryta is a cultural melting pot, housing refugees from all over Tyria. Ascalonians, Canthans, Elonians and even Orrians call this place home. Laws are designed by senators, and citizens of all nationalities are given a voice in Krytan politics, humans having long since put aside heritage in uniting against the threat of the Elder Dragons.

The Seraph represent law and order in Kryta, while the Shining Blade are the royal family's elite guard as they have served at the side of the monarchy since they put her ancestor on the throne two and a half centuries ago, during the War in Kryta. They have their work cut out for them, however, as the White Mantle conspire in secret to return power to their unseen gods, while centaurs roam the land, fighting for their former territory.

Kryta is a land of unrest. The Ministry is at odds with the queen, and political factions tear Divinity's Reach apart from within.


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  • Claw Island can only be accessed through the personal story and is necessary for the Krytan Explorer achievement.

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