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Leaderboards are a system listing the highest ranking players in structured PvP and achievements as well as world rankings in WvW. You can also compare your rankings with the rest of the world, people in your guilds and your friends.

The leaderboards can be viewed on the game's official website, separately for North America and Europe.

Player vs. Player[править]

In order to determine rank, rating is used. This rating takes into account the player's rating, the opponent’s rating, and then adjusts your post-game rating accordingly. If the player wins against a very low ranked opponent, and the player is a highly ranked opponent, the player will gain fewer points than if he defeated someone above himself in rating. It is possible for a player to have a higher rating even if they haven’t played as many games as another player – number of games does not guarantee a high rating.

The rankings are account based, not character based; The most recently logged character is the name that appears as the current leaderboard name. Player rating is based on tournament matches only. Leaving a match will count as a loss. In order to be ranked on the leaderboard a minimum of 10 games need to be played.

These leaderboards are updated every hour.

World vs. World[править]

The rating is calculated using a modified Glicko rating,[1] so that high-ranked worlds will battle other high-ranked worlds, and low-ranked worlds will battle other low-ranked worlds. Deviation and volatility show the degree of certainty and expected fluctuation of the ratings, respectively.

These leaderboards are updated upon the weekly reset.


These leaderboards are simply based on the total number of achievement points accumulated on the account and they are updated every hour.



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