Learn to Kite

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Learn to Kite is a meta achievement for the large kite achievements in the Bazaar of the Four Winds achievement category. Players must locate large kites attached to kite baskets around various locations, including jumping puzzles, mini-dungeons and even a fractal.


Achievement Zone Nearest Waypoint Notes Map(s)
Kites Over Caledon Caledon Forest Gleaner's This kite is located at the end of Spekks's Laboratory jumping puzzle in Sandycove Beach. Spekks's Laboratory map.jpg 100px
Kites of the Night Dredgehaunt Cliffs Wymrblood Top of a staircase in the second room inside of Forsaken Halls. Requires trying to enter the halls, then talking to Gerrvid and escorting him through the mini-dungeon. See Forsaken Fortune for details 100px 100px
Kites of Iron Fireheart Rise Severed Breach At the end of Pig Iron Quarry jumping puzzle. Caution: the boss can knock you off the platform. 100px 100px
Poor Man's Kite Queensdale Ojon's Lumbermill Inside the bandit hideout near the Bad Neighborhood achievement 100px100px
Kite Bombing Lornar's Pass False Lake On the stairwell along the way (near the end) through Griffonrook Run 100px 100px
World vs. Kite Eternal Battlegrounds Valley Near the end of the Obsidian Sanctum jumping puzzle, on the top of the dome. Opponents often camp there; consider going with a group of allies. 100px 100px
Colossal Kites Fractals of the Mists Consortium Gift Shop After the 2 signet on colossus legs Cliffside Fractal in Fractals of the Mists. 100px
fr:Apprendre le cerf-volant


  • This achievement's title is a reference to the practice of "kiting," or retreating from attackers to avoid taking damage. The phrase "learn to kite" is often offered as dismissive advice from experienced players of various games to newer players.