Legacy of the Foefire

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Legacy of the Foefire


Legacy of the Foefire loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

In-game description will come as soon as BWE3 starts!

— In-game description

Legacy of the Foefire is a structured PvP map. It is a conquest map with three capture points and powerful NPC guards and guild lords as the secondary mechanic.


Two teams are matched up against each other. The objective is to be the first team to reach 500 points. Points are awarded through holding capture points and kills. There are 3 capture points on the map, and when captured, each location grants one point every two seconds. Each player kill grants ten points. If neither team reaches 500 points, the team with the most points will be declared the winner after the 15 minute time limit.

Capture points[править]

Respawn areas[править]

Secondary Mechanics[править]

NPC guards and 'guild lords' spawn. Defeating them grants your team "a lot of points". NPCs include:



  • This map is based on maps found in Guild Wars PvP, and was inspired by the old mode "GvG".
  • The Foefire is an event that happened in Ascalon in 1090 AE.

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