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Disambig icon.png Эта страница a revenant profession mechanic. Для legendary-quality equipment, смотрите Legendary weapon.

Legends are the profession mechanic for the revenant profession. Revenants can channel different legends of the mists to invoke their powers, determining their set of slot skills: a healing skill, three utility skills and one elite skill.

All revenants start with Legendary Dwarf Stance in use, and from character level 11 onwards, another legend slot will become available, allowing revenants to use two legends simultaneously and swapping between them by invoking the other legend. Invoking a legend always has 10 second recharge time, but each legend can be individually swapped to another legend currently not in use when not in combat. Swapping a legend in this way does not incur the usual recharge time.

List of legends[править]

Skill Description
Legendary Dwarf Stance.png
 Legendary Dwarf Stance
Воззвать к силе легендарного гнома - короля Джейлиса Железный Молот.
Legendary Demon Stance.png
 Legendary Demon Stance
Воззвать к силе легендарного демона Малликса Непреклонного.
Legendary Centaur Stance.png
 Legendary Centaur Stance
Воззвать к силе легендарного кентавра Вентари.
Legendary Assassin Stance.png
 Legendary Assassin Stance
Воззвать к силе легендарного ассасина Широ Тагачи.
Legendary Dragon Stance.png
 Legendary Dragon Stance
Воззвать к силе легендарного дракона Глинт.
Legendary Renegade Stance.png
 Legendary Renegade Stance
Воззвать к силе легендарной отступницы чарр - Каллы Скорчрейзор.

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