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Items unlocked in your Legendary Armory are available for all of your characters. They can be found in the Equipment tab of your Hero panel, alongside all of your other equipment.

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Legendary Armory is a quality-of-life update for sharing all of your legendary equipment on all characters on the account. When you log in to a character on July 13, 2021 or after, account-bound legendary equipment in your character inventories, equipment panels, and account bank is automatically converted to your Legendary Armory, summed up by Legendary Equipment Unlocked! It is entirely free to use[1] and automatically includes all legendary equipment released in the future.

Visually, the Legendary Armory is contained within the Equipment Tab and has no separate user interface. Legendary items appear at the top of the equipment selection panel on the left, and gain a gold top-left corner overlay with an infinity symbol.

Storing items[править]

  • Unbound legendaries remain in your inventory.
  • If you own bound copies of Sunrise or Twilight, the greatswords are added to your Legendary Armory and you receive Memory of Sunrise and Memory of Twilight to use in crafting Eternity (an Eternity produced using tokens is account-bound).
    • If you own Eternity, you receive both Sunrise and Twilight for your armory.
  • Each piece of equipment is treated as a unique item.
    • If you want to customize an equipment template by equipping the legendary sword Bolt in two weapon slots, you need to obtain and bind two copies of Bolt.
    • The maximum number of copies of an item your Legendary Armory can hold is determined by how many equipment slots it can occupy.
    • This limit exists so you don’t have to worry about accidentally unlocking more copies of a specific legendary than you can equip.
    • Since no character can ever equip more than four swords at once, your Legendary Armory holds a maximum of four copies of each legendary sword.
    • An equipment template only has space for two staves, so your Legendary Armory holds a maximum of two copies of each legendary staff.

Equipping items[править]

  • Once a legendary item is stored in your Legendary Armory, every level 80 character on your account can use it, provided it’s available to their profession and elite specialization
  • You can equip items from your Legendary Armory by double-clicking them or clicking and dragging them onto a slot.
  • Right-clicking an equipment slot will bring up a convenient dropdown menu, which you can use to equip your available legendary items, equip a non-legendary item from your inventory or regular armory, customize your equipped legendary item, or copy an equipped item and its customizations to your other equipment templates.
  • Once you’ve equipped a legendary item to multiple equipment templates, you can set different attributes, upgrade selections, and skins for each one.

Additional mechanics[править]

  • Free Legendary Transmutation — Changing the appearance of your legendary equipment no longer requires transmutation charges.
  • Equipment and Build Templates at Hand — Click the arrow above your weapon swap toggle to quickly swap to any of your equipment and build templates.
  • Binding a legendary to your account offers a little more fanfare—and some hints about your item’s nature, origin, or previous owners.
  • Legendary trinkets that are available with and without visual effects, like Conflux and Transcendence, feature a visibility toggle for their effects.
  • Slotted upgrades and infusion — Upgrades and infusions in equipped gear and equipment templates remain in place. For items in your bank, shared and regular inventory, infusions and upgrades are be popped out to your inventory.
  • Slumbering Trinkets — Players are not able to acquire new slumbering trinkets after July 13 release and any existing slumbering trinkets will not be absorbed into the Legendary Armory. The recipes for slumbering trinkets will instead reward the awakened trinket. A vendor which will upgrade slumbering trinkets to its awakened version will be added to the game at a later date.
  • Gen 2 Precursor Crafting Limits — Players are able to craft additional copies of Generation 2 legendaries.

Item caps[править]

Each type of equipment has its own limit, and the limit is counted separately for every unique legendary item. For example, you can unlock a Perfected Envoy light helm and an Ardent Glorious light helm as well. Here's a complete list:

  • Two-handed weapons: 2
  • Main-hand exclusive weapons: 2
  • Offhand exclusive weapons: 2
  • One-handed weapons useable in either hand: 4
  • Armor: 1 per piece, per armor class
  • Back items: 1
  • Trinkets: 1 (except Conflux, which is 2)
  • Runes: 7
  • Sigils: 8

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