Legendary equipment

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Legendary equipment refers to equipment of HЛегендарный quality. All legendary equipment have a level 80 requirement and 5% stronger stats than FЭкзотический quality equipment and equal to GВознесенный equipment. Most legendary equipment is account bound on use or acquire.



Selectable stats[править]

  • Legendary gear has the unique mechanic that allows players to change the item's attribute bonuses to other attributes while out of combat at no cost.
  • All stats are available to Legendary equips regardless of whether or not an expansion is owned.[1]
  • Legendary equips will always have stat values equivalent to the the highest tier of equipment available. Currently, they have stats equivalent to Ascended equipment.

Infusion slot[править]

  • Legendary equips have infusion slots, similar to Ascended equips.
  • Legendary back items have two infusion slots and do not need to be infused.
  • Infusions may be swapped out of Legendary weapons, armor, back items and trinkets without the use of an Infusion Extraction Device.

Upgrade slots[править]

  • Legendary equips come with upgrade slots on weapons and armor.
  • Legendary weapons can freely swap sigils without destroying the currently slotted sigil. The current sigil will be placed in your inventory and the new sigil will be applied.
  • Legendary armor can freely swap runes without destroying the currently slotted rune. The current rune will be placed in your inventory and the new rune will be applied.
  • Legendary back items and trinkets do not come with upgrade slots, similar to Ascended back items and trinkets.