Level-80 Boost

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For advanced players.

— Внутриигровое описание


Trial Level 80[править]

  • "This boost will immediately raise you to the max-level. You can experiment in the Silverwastes before you need to commit to expending this item."
    • 30px Instantly Level 80
      • Start playing at max level now.
    • 30px Equipped with a Level-80 Gear
      • Get equipped with armor, weapons, skills and specialization that will increase your effectiveness and help you navigate max-level perils.
    • 30px Travel to the Silverwastes
    • 30px Try before Committing
      • Try playing your profession at max-level in the Silverwastes before committing to make the boost permanent to this character or use it in another character.

Permanent Consumption[править]


  • Consuming this item is a permanent action and cannot be undone.
  • Consuming it will replace the character's trial equipment by a permanent set of exotic equipment that shares the same qualities as their trial gear, and a Level-80 Boost Package filled with rewards and a Package of Old Equipment with the old gear will be placed in their inventory.
  • Most classes receive a set of Soldier's gear. Necromancers receive Rabid and Thieves get Valkyrie.