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Reward screen with rewards and level-up guide.

Level rewards were introduced with the September 2014 Feature Pack as part of the New Player Experience system. Every time you reach each level from 2 to 80 a notification will appear to the right of the screen. Clicking on it will show a reward screen with the rewarded items for the level.

Important information about game systems, including any item that was unlocked that level, is also presented in the form of a reward in the level-up guide. Unlocked items can be skills, traits, personal story chapters, etc. Several systems presented in the level-up guide are not locked out, they can be accessed before the time through other ways (like portals or hotkeys).

Certain map icons are hidden until the level requirement is reached, such as Points of Interest until level 4 and Hero point challenges until level 11. Once unlocked, they will be visible to all characters on the account regardless of level.

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  • There are no level rewards in the core game past level 80, though you will receive 1 Spirit Shard.png spirit shard each time you level up afterwards.
  • The rewarded equipment items are non-salvageable, but can be used in the Mystic Forge.
  • Most of the information items on the rewards screens can be utilized by lower level characters.
  • Consuming the Level-80 Boost does not reward you with the item rewards listed above. All remaining stats and hero points are awarded, and all core skills and traits are unlocked using those points.

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