Liberating Apatia

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Liberating Apatia

1325 AE
The Mire Sea
(Mount Maelstrom)
The Great Lodge
Unknown race all
«All» не входит в список (Asura, Charr, Human, Norn, Sylvari) допустимых значений для свойства «Has personal story race requirement».

Liberating Apatia is part of the personal story for all characters that choose "making another suffer" as their worst fear during the mission A Light in the Darkness.


Liberating Apatia (level 71)

  • Free Crusader Apatia from the krait slave tower.
    • Meet Trahearne near the krait city.
    • Avoid the tainted water while traveling to the tower.
    • Fight your way into the krait tower.
    • Climb to the top of the krait tower.
    • Climb to locate Apatia's cell.
    • Release Apatia and end her suffering.
  • Tell Apatia's legend at Hoelbrak's Great Lodge
    • Travel to the Great Lodge in Hoelbrak
    • Proclaim the legend of Crusader Apatia


Зависит от профессии


Upon completion you are given Apatia's Axe.





Meeting with Trahearne

Trahearne: Let me be clear: our goal here is to find and retrieve our missing comrade, Apatia.
Trahearne: This place reeks of Zhaitan's touch, so don't take unnecessary chances. Stay alert.
Trahearne: We move fast, we stick to the surface, and we stay together. Let's begin.

As you reach the krait city

Trahearne: As I feared: the water's toxic. Quickly, get up onto those gangplanks!
Trahearne: Stay out of these waters. I recognize the stench of this particular Orrian corruption. It's more toxic than any poison.
<Character Name>: I wonder if that's what happened to the krait. When I was here before, they were swarming over this whole place.
Trahearne: We can't assume they're gone. If the corruption killed them, they likely rose as fresh undead.
Trahearne: Follow me, everyone. Single file, and watch your step: I don't want anyone falling into this water.
Trahearne: Stay alert. I don't like the look of that water...or what might be in it.
Trahearne: The orb was the only thing protecting these krait from Zhaitan's influence, and now it will protect Fort Trinity.

As you reach the krait tower

Trahearne: I sense a strong, undead presence higher up. Proceed with caution: we'll be right behind you.
Trahearne: There's the slavemaster. Subdue her!

During your fight with the slavemaster

Head Slaver Nymfassa: Come to join your friend? She loves our hospitality.
Head Slaver Nymfassa: Apatia, wasn't it? She gave us her name and rank, between all that screaming.
Head Slaver Nymfassa: Orr will claim you. Zhaitan will consume you all!
Head Slaver Nymfassa: Victory is yours...but Apatia is ours.

After you defeated the slavemaster

Crusader Afanen: I see her. She's in that cage across the way.
Agent Zrii: We'll have to climb down to reach her. There should be a beam connecting to her cage.
Trahearne: Apatia should be at the top of this beam. I just hope she's as you left her.

As you reach Apatia's cage

Trahearne: By the Pale Tree...Zhaitan's corruption has claimed Apation as well as the krait.
Crusader Afanen: Is she...aware? Is Apatia still in there, suffering, or is she just a mindless husk? Either way, this is a cruel end for a noble hunter.
Agent Zrii: It doesn't have to be the end. Having an undead captive to study--especially one we knew well--could be a huge boon to the Pact
Crusader Afanen: Don't be ridiculous. There's nothing here that we couldn't get from any one of a thousand other undead. Apatia's gone and we have to set her spirit free.
<Character Name>: And when we're done here, we travel to Hoelbrak to tell her legend to the skaalds so she'll be remembered forever.
Trahearne: That is the norn way. Very well. Apatia admired you greatly, Commander, so you should be the one to put her to rest. Then, to Hoelbrak.

After you put Apatia to rest

Trahearne: Rest well, brave norn. May the Spirits of the Wild guide you to the Mists.
Crusader Afanen: Marshal Trahearne? Should we accompany you to Hoelbrak?
Trahearne: Not necessary. You three return to Fort trinity. The Commander and I will take it from here.

When you're inside the Great Lodge in Hoelbrak

Trahearne: Hear me, Hoelbrak. I sing of Apatia, and the legend she forged. She was many things: a Lionguard, a soldier, a hero, a friend.
Trahearne: She joined the Pact because fighting one dragon was not enough. She was determined to fight them all: Jormag, Zhaitan, and any that follow.
Trahearne: She repeatedly proved her valor and worth at Claw Island, killing scores of undead and saving hundreds of innocent lives.
Trahearne: Moreover, she helped recover an artifact that now shields Fort Trinity from Zhaitan's influence. She gave us the footing we need to strike down the dragon.
Trahearne: Apatia's life ended on that mission, but her glorious legend lives on. Now, hear the words of the last person to fight by her side. Commander?
<Character Name>: Let the bards sing and the skaalds proclaim her glorious name forever. Join me now, until the Shiverpeaks themselves ring with the sound: Apatia!
Local: To Apatia!
Local: Hail, Apatia! Her legend will live on!
Local: Apatia!

My Story[править]

Файл:Liberating Apatia.jpg

Trahearne joined me and others in storming the krait tower to rescue Apatia. We made it through, but we were too late. Like every krait we encountered, Apatia had been turned into one of the undead. It was a devastating find, but we agreed that the thing she had become needed to be put down. Afterwards, we set out for Hoelbrak to formally remember Apatia for what she truly was: a hero.

Trahearne and I gave Crusader Apatia a hero's send-off. We traveled to the Great Lodge in Hoelbrak and shared tales of her courage and skill with the norn assembled there. Apatia will not be forgotten by the Pact or her people-and when Zhaitan falls, we will dedicate our victory to Apatia and the other brave soldiers whose sacrifice made our victory possible.

Моя история


  • Apatia will speak normal dialogue if you run ahead of the group to her.