Lick Wounds

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Lick Wounds

0.5½ Время активации  20 Время перезарядки  

Оживить своего питомца в вашем местоположении, чтобы он оживил вас.

— Внутриигровое описание [?]


  • Using this skill will immediately cancel any previous action your pet was performing.
  • Your pet channels at your location, healing you for roughly 5% of your maximum health every 0.3 seconds; this is equal to roughly 15% of your maximum health every second.
  • This skill's healing is not affected by you or your pet's healing power.
  • Your pet will continuously attempt to channel this skill until you rally, one of you is defeated, or you command it to perform a different action.
  • When fighting against a ranger, the only way to completely interrupt this skill once it's been used is by defeating the ranger or its pet. If you attempt to disable the pet while it's channeling, it will simply return to its master and resume healing once the disabling effect has expired.