Lightfoot Passage

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Lightfoot Passage lies southeast of Squall Cusps in Straits of Devastation. The Pact has attempted to make a preservation of the local wildlife, protected from the risen. A multitude of pets can be found in the area. Can be accessed by Cadrigan's Jetty or by a passage between the trees at east of Compass Bridge.

Locations and objectives[править]

Points of Interest
Point of interest.png
Cadrigan's Jetty
Lightfoot Passage Vista
From west of the vista icon there is a raised landmass; go atop it. From there you can climb up the branches to the top near the east wall. Take a branch leading back down and then hop to the branch that goes to the vista. Be careful not to fall, given the branches' height.






Crafting Resources[править]

Resource nodes[править]

Wood resource (map icon).png
Cypress Sapling
Mine resource (map icon).png
Mithril Ore/Rich Mithril Vein