List of scouts in Kryta

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A list of scouts in the Kryta region.

Gendarran Fields[править]

Scout • Area Complete heart (map icon).png Goal Heart location
Hunter JeslaNebo Terrace Assist Jace Daris Help Jace Daris by sabotaging the Tamini encampment. Guardian's Pass
Assist the Seraph Help fight the centaurs and protect the fallen Seraph from scavengers. Nebo Terrace
Help Bronson Sabotage the centaur camp and free the human slaves. Blood Hill Camps
Cam TrencheAscalon Settlement
(on the road south of Ascalon Settlement)
Support Ascalon Settlement troops Find ways to raise morale, honor the fallen, or train with the troops. Ascalon Settlement
Disrupt the Centaur Offensive Support Seraph operations by sabotaging centaurs and their supplies. Northfields, eastern coast
BrigidCornucopian Fields
(southwest corner)
Help Milton Book Assist Applenook against pirates and local pests. Applenook Hamlet in northeastern Cornucopian Fields
Help Bev Nook Help keep Bev's workers motivated and her farm safe. Northwest Cornucopian Fields
Lionguard Alvon [требуется подтверждение]Traveler's Dale
(off the road near the southwest exit)


Scout • Area Complete heart (map icon).png Goal Heart location
Watchman RebecShaemoor Fields
(outside Divinity's Reach)
Farmer Diah Diah could use some help tending to the family farm. Central Shaemoor Fields
Farmer Eda Eda could use some help in her orchard, especially with the spider infestation. Northwestern Shaemoor Fields
Farmer George Make the area around the pumping station safe for Farmer George. Southeastern Shaemoor Fields
Fisherman Travis Travis and his brother are working in dangerous waters. Reduce the threats at the river. Northeastern Shaemoor Fields
Foreman Flannum Make the area around the dam less hazardous for Flannum's workers. Outermost northeast of Shaemoor Fields
Rancher Mepi Deal with the bandits in the nearby caves to help Rancher Mepi. Southwestern Shaemoor Fields