List of vistas in Blazeridge Steppes

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Название перспективы Complete Область Ближайшая путевая точка Waypoint (map icon).png Описание
Foewatch Encampment Vista (Перспектива сторожевого лагеря) Twin Sisters Crossing (Перекресток сестер-близнецов) Twin Sisters (Сестры-близнецы) Добраться до перспективы очень просто и безопасно.
Griffonclaw Peak Vista Behem Gauntlet Behem While fighting isn't required if you are fast enough, you may want to battle your way to this vista just to be safe.
Monument Grounds Vista Monument Grounds Lowland Burns Facing the vista from the ground, there is a set of stairs slightly to the left.
Tail of the Star God Vista Pockmark Roughs Refuge Sanctum Provided you are sneaky enough, you should be able to get to this point with no problem.
Terra Combusta Vista Terra Combusta Brokentooth An easy to access vista point. On the westmost edge of the Terra Combusta region.