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Mordremoth is dead! But at what cost? And what does the future hold now for the members of the Pact and Destiny's Edge, not to mention Glint's Egg? So begins the third season of Living World of Guild Wars 2!

A note about spoilers: a brief summary aside, this article assumes a basic knowledge of the plot of season one, two, and Heart of Thorns. Since season three begins in 1328 AE, and the personal story takes place in 1325 AE, it is likely that this article will contain personal story spoilers, as story threads that began in the personal story may be continued with the Living World.

Season 3 of the Living World began on July 26th, 2016.


Когда Мордремот был убит, вся магия которую он содержал в себе была высвобождена в мир, и теперь разные фракции выходят из тени, чтобы завладеть ею. Во главе их стоит Белая Мантия, религиозные культисты которые поклоняются мурсаат и пытаются подчинить себе силу Кровокамня чтобы воскресить одного из своих богов.


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Braham Eirsson[править]

The son of Eir Stegalkin and Borje, the Sun Chaser is determined more than ever to take down all the Elder Dragons since the death of his mother at the hands of Mordremoth. While not as brash as he once was, commenting that he believes Taimi is rubbing off on him, he still has much to learn if he is to follow in his mother's footsteps.

Rox Whetstone[править]

Rox has finally found her own warband now with Braham, Taimi and the others. While no longer attempting to join Rytlock's warband, she is curious to learn about the new abilities that he learned when in the mists.

Lady Kasmeer Meade[править]

Much has happened for the former noble, dealing with both Scarlet and an Elder Dragon, not to mention a relationship with investigator Marjory Delaqua, all within a short period of time.

Marjory Delaqua[править]

Marjory is finally more at peace now that she has avenged her sister Belinda. However, she is no closer to finding the mysterious "E" than before.


Taimi, now confident in her place as a member of the team, is working on figuring out how to take down other global, dragon-related threats, not to mention the rebuilding of her beloved golem, Scruffy since it was destroyed in the Heart of Maguuma.

Rytlock Brimstone[править]

Once a member of Destiny's Edge, this Tribune of the Blood Legion became the first revenant in Tyria. With the death of Eir, he takes up the mantle to leading a group to defeat the remaining dragons.


One of the Firstborn sylvari, she disappeared after Mordremoth's defeat. However, she always seems to find her way into the heart of whatever disturbance is happening.


A prickly sylvari, he was arrested for causing trouble in Southsun Cove. Once Lady Anise bought his billet, he became an extension of her reach in an effort to become free again.


28px Current Events[править]

After the death of Mordremoth, his magical energy flooded through the ley lines. This caused disturbances as magic bled through into the world at specific points in Snowden Drifts, Mount Maelstrom, and Blazeridge Steppes, overflowing the ley line nexuses and forming into coalescences. The Priory, Consortium, and Inquest each mobilized to gather this magic, at times coming into conflict. The situation only became worse over time, however, and Ley-Line Anomalies began appearing.

Meanwhile, the Shining Blade began issuing bounties on bandit leaders, with evidence being discovered that the bandits are indeed linked to the White Mantle from Kryta's past. Posters began appearing in human outposts and cities, stoking the fires of anti-charr sentiment and instigating additional distrust of the Krytan government.

Out of the Shadows.png Out of the Shadows[править]

Friends of Eir Stegalkin gather around her former homestead to memorialize the great hero of the norn. Rytlock is the only member of Destiny's Edge able to attend. Zojja and Logan are still recovering from being prisoners of Mordremoth, and Caithe has always done her own thing. Rytlock decides that with Eir's death, it's time to form a new guild: Dragon's Watch. Rox arrives, and brings Garm in tow; he's alive, but badly injured. Braham is notably absent, off killing icebroods.

At the end of the funeral, a message from Taimi sends us to Rata Novus via a portal in Rata Sum. Many asura have started to investigate the lost Rata's technology, including Councillor Phlunt. Taimi's kept the Dragon Lab secret, and reconfigured the gate to allow multiple access points. Deep in the lab, chak still periodically attack, but Taimi has made many new discoveries. She has a duplicate map marking leyline magic, and can even monitor the status of the dragon egg. She keeps a chak's organ in a jar for further study.

General Almorra comes by the lab to see the Commander. With Trahearne's death, the leadership of the Pact is vacant and offered to the one-time second in command. However, because Trahearne was criticized for being on the front lines so much, the position will largely involve paperwork and will be kept far away from the fighting. The Commander turns down the offer, effectively resigning from the Pact. News of a sylvari in the complex stirs things up, as Canach as also come by seeking the Commander. Minister Caudecus has fled and headed into the jungle. Countess Anise has sent him to retrieve the minister, and deal with him as necessary, should it come to that. General Almorra offers her own airship to bring the parties back to Divinity's Reach. On the way there, a massive magical explosion threatens to destroy the ship, but just as the blast is about to hit the ship, it inverts into an implosion. The airship is heavily damaged as it downs in Bloodstone Fen.

Taimi contacts the Commander through a communication device planted before leaving the lab, and allows her to send updates from the base. She informs the Commander of a new mastery, the technique to reverse the magical flow of certain attacks. Many White Mantle are scattered about the area, as well as some members of the Pact caught in the blast; both have become crazed, empowered by the bloodstone. There are also bloodstone elementals and spirits who were once sacrificed to power the bloodstone wandering about. General Bennett has made a small camp for Pact survivors. A certain White Mantle cleric has a strange device that allowed him to collect the unbound magic that fills the air in Bloodstone Fen.

Deep in the crater of the massive explosion, there is a chamber floating just above the ground. A pedestal sits in the middle of the room. This appears to have been the source of the magical blast. Caithe arrives to aid in the investigation. She had returned to the Grove to meet with the Pale Tree, which is recovering but still injured. The Commander decides to try and recreate the event that caused the explosion on a small scale, gathering up large chunks of bloodstone scattered near the chamber and fighting off hostile creatures in the area. Caithe apologises for her behavior regarding the dragon egg. Once enough bloodstone is collected, the ritual is repeated. Many of those who activated the ritual were killed, leaving burn marks on the walls, and someone - possibly Minister Caudecus - absorbed a large amount of bloodstone magic.

Canach, Rytlock and Marjory have tracked down where they believe Caudecus to have gone. The route to reach him is riddled with traps, bloodstone elementals and White Mantle zealots. These White Mantle, however, seemed to have retained their sense of self. Once catching up to the escaped Minister, he reveals himself to be the new leader of the White Mantle and believes they are his way to the Krytan throne. He unleashes a Jade Construct, not seen since the days of the mursaat. The construct is defeated, and we learn that the White Mantle has managed to revive a member of the mursaat known as Lazarus. The mursaat, however, have no interest in the politics of humans, and leaves Caudecus to his own devices. The minister narrowly escapes thanks to a mesmer portal. Just then, Taimi contacts the group with grave news: Primordus, the first dragon, has become active.


  • The release of Living World season 3 was announced by Mike O'Brien on the official Guild Wars 2 forums [1].