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Logging axes are a type of gathering tool used to log tree resource nodes to obtain logs.

Gathering tool[править]

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Players equip a logging axe in the Logging equipment slot. As a gathering tool, logging axes have a required level and number of charges. Logging axes purchased from vendors are soulbound and cannot be moved between characters. The required level of the logging axe corresponds to a tier, the tier required to log a tree node depends on the type of tree. The required level for the logging axe and the corresponding nodes it's required to mine generally scale with the level of the zone.

Resource node[править]

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Logging axes are used to log tree resource nodes. Trees can be logged three times in one interaction and give 1 log for each action based on the type of tree. Players have a chance to receive a Cinnamon Stick, Hidden Treasure, or Walnut. Logging trees with a lower tier logging axe will give Ruined Log.

  • +10% Gathering Bonus Banner - Spawns a guild banner that will give +10% gathering chance to any ally that touches it for 30 minutes. Stacks with other exp buffs.
  • +10% Gathering Bonus for 48 Hours - For 48 hours guild members have 10% better chance to find rare materials from mining, logging, and harvesting.
  • Power of the Mists (Gatherer): 2-3% chance of additional gathering node uses per tier.

Logging axes[править]

Tier Name Level Cost Uses Nodes
1 Copper Logging Axe 0 24 Медная монета 100 Aspen Sapling, Kertch Sapling, Ekku Sapling (Green Wood Log)
2 Iron Logging Axe 10 56 Медная монета 100 Mimosa Sapling, Gummo Sapling, Snow Cherry Sapling (Soft Wood Log)
3 Steel Logging Axe 20 88 Медная монета 100 Tukawa Sapling, Fir Sapling (Seasoned Wood Log)
3 Master Logging Axe 15 Story Reward 125 Same as Steel Logging Axe
4 Darksteel Logging Axe 30 Серебряная монета 20 Медная монета 100 Banyan Sapling, Pine Sapling, Inglewood Sapling (Hard Wood Log)
4 Bun Yan Axe 20 77 Karma.png 100 Same as Darksteel Logging Axe
5 Mithril Logging Axe 45 Серебряная монета 60 Медная монета 140 Karma.png 100 Red Oak Sapling, Cypress Sapling, Baoba Sapling (Elder Wood Log)
5 Master Logging Axe 35 Story Reward 125 Same as Mithril Logging Axe
5 Splitting Axe 45 602 Karma.png 25 Same as Mithril Logging Axe
6 Orichalcum Logging Axe 60 Серебряная монета 100 All saplings {Orrian Sapling, Ancient Sapling (Ancient Wood Log)}
6 Master Logging Axe 60 Story Reward 125 Same as Orichalcum Logging Axe
6 Black Lion Logging Axe 0 Black Lion Chest 25 Same as Orichalcum Logging Axe
6 Chop-It-All Logging Axe 0 800 Gem.png Infinite Same as Orichalcum Logging Axe
6 Dreamcleaver Logging Axe 0 1000 Gem.png Infinite Same as Orichalcum Logging Axe