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Magic Find.png Поиск редких вещей (Magic Find) is both an account bonus and a character attribute that increases the chance to receive higher-quality loot from slain foes. With a couple exceptions, it does not affect containers (including champion loot bags), chests, or any other source of loot.[1] [2] The exceptions are:

There are two components of Magic Find: an account-wide bonus, which applies to all characters on the account, and a character-specific attribute.

Account bonus[править]

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There are two ways to increase the account bonus for magic find.

  • For every 500 achievement points earned on an account, a set of achievement rewards is unlocked that includes an increase to account bonuses. Magic Find receives a 1% increase starting at 500 and every 2,500 thereafter; an additional 1% is awarded starting at 5,000 and every 5,000 thereafter.
  • Filling the Luck bar will increase Magic Find by 1%. The amount of Luck needed increases for each subsequent percentage point. Luck is gained by consuming Essences of Luck, which can be obtained by salvaging fine and masterwork equipment and Globs of Ectoplasm or received as a part of the login rewards system.


The Magic Find attribute is calculated based on the account bonus, luck, and temporary buffs.

Effect Source Bonus Duration Notes
Account Bonus
Luck bonus 0-300%
Achievement Rewards bonus 0-16%+ The upper limit for magic find from this source increases as more achievements are added to the game.
Miscellaneous effect.png Magic Find Boost 20x20px Magic Find Booster
20x20px Communal Boost Bonfire
20x20px Kite Fortune
20x20px Enchanted Reward Boost
50% 1 h Obtaining the effect from multiple sources will stack duration.
Kite Fortune version is randomly obtained and lasts 10 m.
Miscellaneous effect.png 30% Magic Find Bonus 20x20px Laureate Magic Find Booster 30% 1 h
Miscellaneous effect.png Celebration Bonus 20x20px Birthday Booster
20x20px Celebration Booster
100% 24 h
1 h
Also boosts XP and gold from kills, karma, and WXP.
Guild upgrades and banners
+10% Magic Find for 72 hours +10% Magic Find for 72 hours (Economy upgrade) 10% 72 h Affects all characters representing the guild.
Miscellaneous effect.png Guild Item Research Skill.png Guild Magic Find Banner 10% 30 m Gained by interacting with the banner. Is overwritten by Guild Magic Find Banner Boost.
Miscellaneous effect.png Guild Magic Find Banner Boost Skill.png Guild Gold and Magic Find Banner
Skill.png Guild Heroes Banner
15% 30 m Gained by interacting with the banner. Overwrites Guild Item Research.
World versus world
Miscellaneous effect.png Guild Fortified Salvage WvW Fort +10% Magic Find WvW Fort +10% Magic Find (Art of War upgrade) 10% 12 h All characters in the vicinity of a WvW objective of your realm claimed by the guild[требуется подтверждение]
Miscellaneous effect.png Outnumbered Automatic 20% Applied to all characters in a map when their world is greatly underrepresented on that map.
Utility Infusion
Magical Infusion.png Magical Infusion 20% Must be attached to a utility infusion slot on an ascended amulet equipped by the character.
Zone-specific bonus
Miscellaneous effect.png Perseverance 30% 1h Gain one stack each time you complete an event in the Silverwastes, up to 5 stacks (+150% MF). Removed when you leave the instance. Applies to opening Lost Bandit Chests.
Miscellaneous effect.png Call of the Mists Automatic 100% Earn increased rewards in PvP during community events! Applies while in Heart of the Mists or any PvP match.
Time-specific bonus
Glorious Fervor.png Greater Call of the Mists Automatic 200% Earn increased rewards in PvP during World Tournament Series! Applies while in Heart of the Mists or any PvP match.
Skill.png Mist War Summons Automatic 50% Applied to all characters during the events of World vs. World: Sneak Attack! (Dec. 16th, 2014-Jan. 13th, 2015).


Only 1 food effect can be active at a time. Where noted, the magic find bonus is only active while under the effect of a boon.

Name Bonus Duration Level Second bonus Boon?
Skill.png Caramel 3% 15 m 5 1Yes
Skill.png Caramel Apple 3% 30 m 10 1Yes
Skill.png Candied Apple 3% 45 m 5 1Yes
Skill.png Onion Ring 4% 15 m 0
Skill.png Bowl of Apple Sauce 4% 30 m 0
Skill.png Cinnamon Apple 4% 30 m 0
Skill.png Blueberry Tart 4% 30 m 5
Meat Pie.png Meat Pie 4% 30 m 5
Skill.png Beetletun Omelette 4% 60 m 0
Skill.png Chocolate Banana 7% 30 m 15 1Yes
Skill.png Strawberries and Biscuits 10% 30 m 15
Skill.png Lemon Bar 10% 30 m 20
Skill.png Strawberry Tart 10% 30 m 20
Clam Cake.png Clam Cake 10% 30 m 25
Candy Corn Cake.png Candy Corn Cake 10% 45 m 20
Skill.png Strawberry Ghost 10% 45 m 25 1Yes
Birthday Blaster 15% 10 m 0 +40 to all attributes
+10% karma
Skill.png Yam Fritter 18% 30 m 30 +40 condition damage
Cherry Tart.png Cherry Tart 18% 30 m 35 +40 power
Skill.png Cherry Almond Bar 18% 30 m 40 +10% gold find
Piece of Candy Corn Almond Brittle.png Piece of Candy Corn Almond Brittle 18% 45 m 45 +10% gold find
Skill.png Chickpea Fritter 22% 30 m 50 +50 condition damage
Skill.png Orange Coconut Bar 22% 30 m 50 +20% gold find
Skill.png Ginger Pear Tart 22% 30 m 50 +50 power
Skill.png Glazed Pear Tart 22% 45 m 55 +50 power
Skill.png Chocolate Cherry 24% 30 m 30 +6% boon duration 1Yes
Skill.png Eggplant Fritter 26% 30 m 60 +60 condition damage
Skill.png Peach Tart 26% 30 m 70 +60 power
Skill.png Raspberry Peach Bar 26% 30 m 70 +30% gold find
Skill.png Glazed Peach Tart 26% 45 m 75 +60 power
Skill.png Chocolate Orange 28% 30 m 45 +10% boon duration 1Yes
Dragonfly Cupcake.png Dragonfly Cupcake 30% 20 m 80 +70 power
Skill.png Cup of Lotus Fries 30% 30 m 80 +70 condition damage
Skill.png Omnomberry Bar 30% 30 m 80 +40% gold find
Skill.png Omnomberry Tart 30% 30 m 80 +70 power
Skill.png Spicy Pumpkin Cookie 30% 45 m 80 +70 condition damage
Skill.png Chocolate Raspberry Cream 32% 30 m 65 +14% boon duration 1Yes
Skill.png Chocolate Omnomberry Cream 40% 30 m 80 +20% boon duration 1Yes

Maximizing magic find[править]

The following persistent bonuses can be combined to maximize a character's personal magic find.

Effect Amount Notes
Miscellaneous effect.png Magic Find Boost 50%
Miscellaneous effect.png 30% Magic Find Bonus 30%
Miscellaneous effect.png Celebration Bonus 100%
+10% Magic Find for 72 hours +10% Magic Find for 72 hours 10%
Miscellaneous effect.png Guild Magic Find Banner Boost 15%
Ascended utility amulet with Magical Infusion 20%
Food nourishment: Skill.png Chocolate Omnomberry Cream 40% While under the effects of a boon.
Utility nourishment: 30%
Total 295%


  • Perseverance gives a magic find bonus different than regular magic find when opening Lost Bandit Chests. It is currently unknown if regular magic find also has an effect on opening Lost Bandit Chests.
  • "Everytime
    you kill a monster you roll on a number of tables, inside these tables are different rarity categories. Magic find increases the chances you will get higher categories. For example if there is a 1 in 10 category, and you have 200% magic find you will have 3/10 chances to get that category. This improves not just the rarity of the items you get but can also improve your chances at getting trophies and rare crafting materials like lodestones." [3]
As with all other attributes, the total Magic Find is not always correctly displayed in the hero panel, e.g. under the effects of banners or guild buffs, the additional increase provided by food will not be included in the total. However, ArenaNet has confirmed that the correct amount is applied when you roll for loot.[4]