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After spending so much time cultivating this powerful vine through the generations, it's hard to not feel an attachment to it. Your beloved pet almost cuddles you in its tendrils. Clearly it feels a similar attachment.

Infusion Slot Unused Defensive Infusion Slot

— Внутриигровое описание

Mawdrey is an ascended back item introduced in The Dragon's Reach: Part 2 release. The back item has an infused version.


1. Get 1 Clay Pot, 7 Plates of Meaty Plant Food, 7 Plates of Piquant Plant Food, 1 Grow Lamp, +5 Agony Infusion and 1 Heat Stone from crafting or from Trading Post. This items can only by craft once per day per account, on the standard daily reset:

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients

2. Get the exclusive ingredients:

4. Go to the Mystic Forge and use the acquired items to create other items:

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Mists Infused Clay Pot.png Mists Infused Clay Pot Z Mystic Forge 0
[[|link=Clay Pot|20x20px]] Clay Pot
[[|link=Foxfire Cluster|20x20px]] Foxfire Cluster
Pile of Bloodstone Dust.png Pile of Bloodstone Dust
[[|link=Mists Stone|20x20px]] Mists Stone

5. Double-click on Mists Infused Clay Pot to plant a Pet Seed to transform into a Pet Seedling.

6. Double-click on Package of Elementally Charged Plant to feed a Pet Seedling to transform into a Pet Sprout.

7. Double-click on Package of Rhand Blessed Plant Food to feed a Pet Sprout to transform into a Pet Shoot.

8. Double-click on Powerful Grow Lamp to shine on a Pet Shoot to transform into a Pet Plantling

9. Double-click on Destroyer Heated Stone to on a Pet Plantling to make Mawdrey and Mawdrey II.

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