Mistwrought Vault

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Mistwrought Vault

Jumping puzzle

The Mistwrought Vault is a collective term for the Emerald Sanctum, Garnet Sanctum, or Sapphire Sanctum jumping puzzles. There are three identical versions of the jumping puzzle, corresponding to each of three borderlands.

Puzzle Zone
Emerald Sanctum Green Borderlands
Garnet Sanctum Red Borderlands
Sapphire Sanctum Blue Borderlands

Getting there[править]

Directly west of the defenders citadel, south of the skill challenge, and next to the lake, are two tunnels. Head into the south one and take a left at the first opportunity. Don't jump into the water but take the path up by making a right.


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  • The parts of the key are shared for all three borderlands, making it possible to retrieve key parts on one borderland and open the chest in one of the others.
  • You need the key parts to unlock the door and chest. While a person with both key parts can open the door for players without, each player requires both key parts to open the chest for themselves.