Mockery of Death

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Mockery of Death

1325 AE
Dreamer's Terrace
(The Grove)
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png sylvari


— In-game description


Help people in Caledon Forest.

Discuss your Dream with Caithe and your cycle leader.

  • Speak with Caithe
  • Investigate the disturbance.
  • Intervene and challenge the green knight.
  • Defeat the green knight.
  • Defeat the green knight a second time.
  • He must be cheating. Defeat him again!


Зависит от профессии






Upon speaking with the Warden Requisitioner:

Warden Requisitioner: Ah, a freshly awakened sylvari! Welcome to Tyria, sapling! I'm a member of the Wardens, the protective guard for our homeland here in the Grove. I'm here to provide you with equipment.
Talk quest option tango.png
Oh, good. In my dream, I had a certain attire...
Warden Requisitioner: I've just the thing for you. Here, take this. Now, go speak with Warden Arondele, down the path to your left. She'll help you get oriented.
Talk quest option tango.png
Thank you very much!

Upon seeing Warden Arondele:

Warden Arondele: Pardon me. I'd like to talk to you.

Upon talking to Warden Arondele:

Warden Arondele: Welcome to Astorea. As you journey forth into the unknown, know that you are not alone. Seek guidance from those who make their homes here and help them in their time of need. The path ahead is yours to choose.
Warden Arondele: As you journey outward, you'll encounter amazing asuran waypoints that--for a small fee--allow you to rapidly traverse the land.
Warden Arondele: I'm excited for you. You'll find challenges out there that will help you grow and increase your skill. Enjoy the adventure!

In your mail after filling a heart:

Remembering Your Dream


You may remember me-- we met briefly within the Dream. While I could not be present for your awakening, the images I witnessed in your Dream continue to occupy my thoughts. The dragon, yes, but other revelations as well.

Come, and speak with me in the Grove, I have heard rumors that I believe you should know; whispers of a green knight resembling the one in your Dream. The leader of your cycle has offered to interpret your Dream and offer wisdom. I sense that you will need this guidance. Travel swiftly.

— Caithe

At Caithe:

Caithe: I knew we'd meet again, young Valiant.
<Character name>: You know that because you saw it in the Dream. What else do we dream that comes true?
Caithe: Much. But not always what you might expect. Why? Is something troubling you?
<Character name>: Somewhat. In my dream, a champion in brilliant green armor defeated all challengers. He seemed invincible, yet a small mouse nipped at his heel.
Caithe: Aife, you are born of Dawn, like this Valiant. Can you interpret the vision? I see both literal and symbolic images here.
Aife: --
Caithe: Niamh, you are born of Noon, like this Valiant. Can you interpret the vision? I see both literal and symbolic images here.
Malomedies: I'll try. Perhaps this is a challenge that you must face, to gain wisdom. Did--
Caithe: Kahendis, you are born of Dusk, like this Valiant. Can you interpret the vision? I see both literal and symbolic images here.
Malomedies: I'll try. When you saw this champion, did you feel frightened? Angry? Did--
Caithe: Malomedies, you are born of Night, like this Valiant. Can you interpret the vision? I see both literal and symbolic images here.
Malomedies: I'll try. Did you see any other patterns in your dream? Stars? Or sigils? Did you--
Dagdar: Help! Somebody help me! The brute is killing my beloved. Stop him!
<Character name>: What? Where! Show me!

Upon cinematic end:

Caithe: The trouble's this way, Valiant.
Caithe: This "brute" could be the foe you seek. Hurry!.

Upon reaching the Green Knight:

Dagdar: Please! Enough. Victory is yours. Just let him live!.
Bercilak: Live! Ha! This sapling accepted my challenge and failed. His life is forfeit.
Eladus: Please, Dagdar. Go, and leave me. He'll kill you too, if you stay.
Dagdar: You're a monster, Bercilak. I won't let you do this! I won't live without my beloved.
Bercilak: So be it. As Ventari teaches, "Hard ground makes stronger roots."

Upon talking to Bercilak:

<Character name>: A knight in full armor--attacking defenseless innocents? That isn't right. Why don't you fight me instead?
Bercilak: I'd love to. I've killed many in my quest to find the exceptional individual who can defeat me. (chuckle) I doubt you're it, but we'll fight anyway.

Upon defeating Bercilak:

Dagdar: You did it, Valiant! You killed him!
Bercilak: Don't be so sure.

Upon defeating Bercilak again:

Caithe: Be cautious. I have a bad feeling about this...
Bercilak: What a waste of time! Come, slay me once more, Valiant. I can do this all day!

Upon defeating Bercilak a third time:

Bercilak: A Valiant! Ha! Good try, but you're no match for me, weed.
Bercilak: You did well enough that I'll leave you alive--for now. But I'll be back.
Bercilak: The next time we fight, try to make it a real challenge...or I'll make sure to finish what I started here today.

After Bercilak leaves:

Dagdar: My deepest thanks. Eladus is everything to me. Your courage saved us both.
<Character name>: Who was that knight in the green armor? I saw him in my Dream, before I awoke. I recognized him as easily as if we had met before.
Dagdar: Bercilak. He's terrible! He challenges young sylvari to duels and then fights them to the death. When Bercilak insulted my honor, Eladus had no other option. He loves me, after all.
<Character name>: That sounds like a cat taking advantage of mice. He's prideful, and he's a bully. He deserves to be taught a lesson full of bruises.
Caithe: That's it! The meaning of your Dream. Like mice, young sylvari fight Bercilak with no hope of winning. But you are different Valiant. You can do more that just throw yourself on his claws.
Dagdar: Perhaps I can help you, after all! Bercilak is wooing a Valiant named Gairwen--unsucessfully, I might add. She's been seen near Morgan's Spiral.
<Character name>: That is helpful, Dagdar. Thank you. I'll visit Gairwen and ask for her story. Perhaps Bercilak told her a weakness I can use.

My story[править]

Mockery of Death.jpg

I helped the people of Caledon Forest, and saw many new things. These lands are much like my Dream, and there is an even bigger world beyond! Tyria, they called it. One day, I will explore, and discover it all.

As I met with Caithe and the leader of my cycle, there was a disturbance in the Grove. Strangely enough, it was a sylvari dressed in green armor, much as I had seen in my Dream! I must investigate, and discover what it is I am meant to do.

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