Molten Facility

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Molten Facility

Arcovian Foothills
Molten Facility or Molten Weapons Facility, often abbreviated MF, is a dungeon and the focus of Flame and Frost: Retribution, the finale for the Flame and Frost narrative. The dungeon does not require players to have completed the previous Living Story missions. All players will be scaled up to level 80 for the dungeon. This dungeon introduces items with the new Sentinel prefix (Vitality/Power/Toughness). Walls of steam will block progress in most sections until the area is cleared. Completing the dungeon will give the Rage Against the War Machine achievement.


There are seven facilities and the location of the dungeon entrance will change periodically somewhere Wayfarer Foothills or Diessa Plateau. A progress bar for the special event will track the Molten Alliance strength. The location of the facility is marked on the map as Molten Weapons Testing Facility.

Dungeon information[править]


  • Find out what's happening inside of the old Ascalonian catacombs.
    • Survive the Molten Alliance ambush.
    • Protect Rox and Braham while the machine is drilling.
    • Braham
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Rox
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Follow Rox and Braham.
    • Stop the weapons test by destroying the thermal core.
    • Thermal Core
    • Event bar.jpg
  • Push further into the Molten Facility
    • Braham
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Rox
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Optional: Destroy coolant boxes to increase the room's temperature.
  • Free the prisoners
    • Free the prisoners: x/10
  • Escort the prisoners out of the Molten facility
    • Lead the prisoners toward the exit.
    • Braham
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Rox
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Defeat the Molten firestorm and Molten berserker.
    • Molten Firestorm
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Molten Berserker
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Plant explosives on the Molten weapon's outflow vents.
      • Explosives planted: x/3
      • Speak to Braham when all explosives are set.
    • Escape the exploding facility.
    • Facility will collapse in 1:00.
    • Braham
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Rox
    • Event bar.jpg


Boss chest
Dungeon reward
  • 13 Серебряная монета
  • 760 Karma.png
  • 35% of experience needed for character level



Players will be ambushed by the Molten Alliance, fight off the waves and the Veteran Molten Brawler.


The drill will slowly tunnel through the rock while you defend Braham and Rox from Molten Alliance popping out. Side caverns will open along. These caverns are randomized and have three possible configurations. Orichalcum Ore or Mithril Ore can be found in these pockets; the nodes are account based and can be mined daily. Azurite Crystals can be opened from these ores and used for crafting new items. You will continue to fight through ooze and Molten Alliance.

Thermal Core[править]

A cutscene will play, showing an NPC being crushed with a giant block of metal. Follow the path counterclockwise across the pit of lava. The boss is a giant sonic periscope, the thermal core. The fight changes phases at 25% intervals. The periscope start will send a series of rows of flame, which get more numerous as the phase progresses. These count as projectile and can be reflected. Some Molten Alliance will come and the thermal core will be exposed while it cools. The second phase involves weights slamming on the ground in each of the four corners of the room. Jump over the shockwaves the weights create. The following wave will have a Veteran Molten Protector. You will not be able to damage the core with the protector nearby. Defeat the foes and attack the thermal core. The third phase will spew multiple fireballs in the area in random patterns. After this phase, a Veteran Molten Protector and Molten Oscillators will attack you. The fourth and final stage will combine the three previous stages. Take down the core while avoiding the attacks to finish the battle


Continue west and fight through the Molten Alliance, including a Veteran Molten Gunner and Veteran Molten Blademaster. You will face a Molten Brawler and Molten Gunner in the next room. As you head south, the next room will have multiple Veteran Molten Blademasters, a Molten Shaman, and a Veteran Molten Effigy. Continue south to the southwest portion of the dungeon and take down the Faulty Gate and the Molten Brawler and Molten Gunner. Head east to the next area.


Head clockwise around the area, fighting the Molten Alliance along the way. Rescue the Prisoner along the way. These prisoners will assist you in battle along the way. Pick up the Crumpled Pages from the dead prisoner's body in the central prison. Head counterclockwise in the other direction and defeat the molten foes. You will make your way to the lower levels, rescuing prisoners along the way. This will lead eastward into some mines along with mine carts and giant wheels, where you will find the final prisoners. This will also be the location of a waypoint. You should find two other dead prisoner along the way, one under a bridge (Crude Drawing), and the other one right after the waypoint (Torn Letter).

Final room[править]

Head southeast and battle some Veteran Molten Mining Suits. Fortunately, Dredge Excavators will come out of the suits instead of molten foes. Some steam jet traps will hinder movement to the next area. Heading east will bring the group to a cavernous room. There will be Steam Pipe Controls players can use to turn of the steam jet traps. This room contains an massive molten weapon that will be in the in the background during the fight with the final boss.

The final stage pits the party against two bosses, Molten Firestorm and Molten Berserker. The Berserker will shadowstep to players and a shockwave attack. The Firestorm will hover in the air and shoot fireballs and various AoE attacks. Once you damage one boss to a 25% interval, the other boss will be enraged. While enraged, the boss will take and deal double damage. Once one boss is defeated, it will be absorbed by the other boss, making him much more powerful. Defeating the Molten Berserker will cause the Molten Firestorm to create an outer ring that damages players who stay it, effectively decreasing the size of the arena and making it more difficult to dodge the Firestorm's attacks. Defeating the Molten Firestorm will cause the Molten Berserker to occasionally create a ring of fire at his feet and send a fire shockwave.

Note that the Molten Berserker's shockwaves do not originate at his feet. Instead, the shockwave starts at a short distance away - about as far as his targeting circle. By standing in the center of the targeting circle, it is possible to avoid being hit by all of his shockwaves. This is particularly useful if the Molten Firestorm is slain first, as the Berserker will use many more shockwaves. For this reason, it may be easier to kill the Molten Firestorm first if group members struggle to avoid his powerful fire-based AoE.


Head east up a ramp and grab some Molten Explosives. Carry the bundle counterclockwise up the ramp to the outer ring encircling the giant molten weapon. Place the explosives on the Outflow Vents and head back to Braham. Tell him you're ready and set of the explosives. A passage will open to the south and head west. Make your way past the flame jets and get to the elevator. Braham and Rox will have a dialogue and you will receive the dungeon reward. Hit the Facility Escape Lever to exit the dungeon. After completing the dungeon, Braham will send a mail and finish up the Flame and Frost narrative.





  • This dungeon does not count towards the daily achievement Dungeon Completer.