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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the lore profession. Для other uses, смотрите Monk. Для the modern, playable profession, смотрите Guardian.
Monks are one of the oldest known professions on Tyria.


Guild Wars[править]

Guild Wars 2[править]

In Central Tyria, the monk profession has been all but replaced by guardians, who have evolved from a mixture of the older, heavily-armored, supportive dervishes and paragons of Elona, ritualists of Cantha, and the deeply religious monks.[1][2]

End of Dragons[править]

In Cantha, many people still devoted to the teaching of monks can be found, from the Shing Jea Monastery to the very border of the Canthan empire.

Notable monks[править]


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  1. Massively's interview with Jeff Grubb and Eric Flannum,
  2. "Chapter 14", Sea of Sorrows by Ree Soesbee:
    The captain of the Krytan ship swung his mace, calling out in a stentorian tone. As he did so, a brilliant orb of lightning crackled from his weapon, flying out from the end of his heavy mace and launching itself toward the charr. The crackling sphere struck Fassur so hard that the quick-footed charr was flung backward. He slammed into the mast with a painful yelp and slid to the deck, stunned. The Krytan captain raised his weapon and called out to the heavens. He brought it down with a loud rumble of thunder, and as he did, thick manacles of energy coalesced around Fassur's wrists.
    "What's he doing? What kind of magic is that?" Cobiah stared, snatching away Macha's telescope to get a better look. "Is he a mesmer like you? Is that an illusion?" [...]
    The captain pressed his mace to his chest and murmured softly. As Aysom's claws tore toward him, a glittering golden shield surrounded the captain of the Salma's Grace in a protective shell. Aysom struck the glowing light with his full weight, but the blow merely ricocheted away. He struck again, claws out, but he could not shatter or penetrate the magical defense. The Krytan captain smiled and continued to chant.
    "That's no illusion." Cobiah frowned.
    Macha managed to wrest the spyglass away from him and thrust it to her own eye. With a frown, she considered the spectacle occurring on the far deck. "It's a pile of Elonian protection magic, mixed with a little monk training, wrapped up in some crazy ritualist hoo-ha from Cantha. A real grab bag of 'you can't hurt me.' They're called guardians, and simply put"—Macha lowered the little telescope—"they mean trouble. I don't think the warband can handle that guy. What do you think we should do, Cobiah?"