Morgus Lethe

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Morgus Lethe is a former norn captain who was corrupted and made champion by Zhaitan. Before his corruption, he was Captain of the Cormorant, a role now taken on by Magnus the Bloody Handed. His addition to the ranks of the Orrian undead resulted in their having a thorough understanding of Captain Magnus and the Lionguard's tactics, naval routes, and weaknesses.

In 1319 AE, he was fought by Captain Magnus with the aid of Destiny's Edge. They sailed to the lair of Morgus Lethe, a maelstrom in a deepwater drop-off above a great graveyard of ships. After approaching his lair, undead began rising from the vortex and crawling aboard the Cormorant.

He was ultimately slain on his undead ship while his forces swarmed the Cormorant. After a long battle, Captain Magnus struck Morgus's back with an axe. Caithe then split his brain with her stilettos, unleashing a swarm of maggots which devoured his body.