Mysterious Vine

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This vine, while appearing to be touched by Mordremoth, has been grown from seed under the good influence of a hero of Tyria.

+22 Toughness.png Прочность
+16 Vitality.png Живучесть
+16 Healing Power.png Сила исцеления
Upgrade Slot.png Unused Upgrade Slot

— Внутриигровое описание


Mysterious Vine can only be obtained after completing a scavenger hunt through Tyria.:

1. Get 1 Clay Pot, 7 Plates of Meaty Plant Food and 7 Plates of Piquant Plant Food from crafting or from Trading Post. Plates recipes can only be crafted once per day per account, on the standard daily reset:

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients

2. Get the exclusive ingredients from Living World season 2 episode The Dragon's Reach: Part 1:

3. Convert the exclusive ingredients into the other versions:

4. Go to the Mystic Forge and use the acquired items to create other items:

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients

5. Double-click on Ley Line Infused Clay Pot to transform Mysterious Seed into a Mysterious Seedling.

6. Double-click on Package of Sacred Plant Food to feed a Mysterious Seedling to transform into a Mysterious Sprout.

7. Double-click Package of Phantasmally Infused Plant Food to feed a Mysterious Sprout to make Mysterious Vine.

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