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Примечание Примечание: This page contains all the official news from before 2010. For up-to-date news, please refer to the main news article: News


Giving Tyria a Voice[править]

December 16

Following the release of the new Guild Wars 2 video, Arenanet have released a behind the scenes look on all the voice actors during the recording of the trailer. Head on over to their youtube channel to check it out.

New Guild Wars 2 interview at[править]

December 11

Following the release of the new Guild Wars 2 video, we sat down with to discuss the races of Tyria, GW2's massive game world, and more! Read the whole thing right here.

Massively Analyzes the Races of Tyria Video[править]

December 8

The good folks at have gone over the new Guild Wars 2 video with the proverbial fine-tooth comb—and they liked what they found! Head on over and check out their thorough analysis of the new trailer!

New Guild Wars 2 video — The Races of Tyria[править]

December 3

Experience the Races of Tyria, an incredible new video that looks at the five playable races of Guild Wars 2—asura, norn, humans, charr, and sylvari. Learn more about each compelling race and watch the video here!

Buy The Art of Guild Wars 2, Get a Free Art Print[править]

November 23

Until January 4th, whenever you buy The Art of Guild Wars 2 from the Penny Arcade store, you'll receive a free limited edition Guild Wars art print. Choose from three awesome pieces of signed concept art from award-winning ArenaNet artists. Hurry over to the Penny Arcade store today!

MMO Calendar 2010 is Now Available[править]

November 3

The fourth annual MMO Calendar is now available, featuring original artwork from the hottest current and upcoming MMOs—including an awesome piece of Guild Wars 2 artwork from Kekai Kotaki. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the good people at St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. You get a fantastic calendar and get to support a great cause at the same time–it's a win/win!

Plus, everyone who purchases a calendar will be entered in a drawing to win cool MMO prizes, including a boxed copy of the Guild Wars Trilogy. Head over to and order yours today.

Two New Wallpapers Available[править]

October 30

Hordes of Orrian undead are coming to invade your desktop! To help you get in the Halloween spirit, ArenaNet have posted two brand-new, extra-creepy Guild Wars 2 wallpapers! Head over to the Art section on the GW2 website and grab them today.

New Onlinewelten Guild Wars 2 Interview[править]

October 12

Guild Wars 2 designers Eric Flannum and Ree Soesbee discuss the legions of the charr, elder dragons, underwater exploration, and more in part two of their in-depth interview with the German website Onlinewelten. Head over here to check it out!

Guild Wars 2 Interview at[править]

October 9

Check out the German website Onlinewelten for an in-depth interview with designers Eric Flannum and Ree Soesbee, where they answer a variety of questions about the races of Guild Wars 2.

The Art of Guild Wars 2 - NOW AVAILABLE![править]

September 23

This incredible hardbound collection of Guild Wars 2 concept art is now available for sale! Head over here to pick up your copy today.

PAX panel videos online[править]

September 10

Check out the ArenaNet YouTube channel for videos of all ArenaNet panels at the recent Penny Arcade Expo. The topics related to Guild Wars 2 include lore in the Fall of Ascalon book and a Q&A with some of the artists.

Art book give away at PAX[править]

August 31

If you've got tickets for the sold out Penny Arcade expo this weekend you're in for a chance to pick up the The Art of Guild Wars 2. You also have the chance to find out more on the bridging book Fall of Ascalon and simply pester the ArenaNet staff about Guild Wars 2. Find out more about what is on and when here.

Developer interviews![править]

August 28

ArenaNet has added even more information to the Guild Wars 2 website! Head on over to check out the newly updated FAQ, as well as a roundup of recent developer interviews.

Art page is now online[править]

August 27

ArenaNet have added an art page to the Guild Wars 2 site. Click here to check out the incredible concept art, wallpapers, and a glimpse at the upcoming Art of Guild Wars 2 book!

Regina on the trailer[править]

August 21

Regina Buenaobra updated her wiki journal today with information about the trailer and its release by ArenaNet. She expresses how thrilled the staff are at the positive reaction from the fans to the trailer. Regina also confirmed some of the big questions from the trailer; confirming underwater environments, guns as a weapon type for all races and travel to Orr in Guild Wars 2.

Trailer world premiere![править]

August 20

ArenaNet are thrilled to announce the premiere of the official Guild Wars 2 preview video! The trailer, which made its debut at gamescom Cologne, offers an exciting glimpse of the visual splendor that awaits in Guild Wars 2. Check it out right here.

Daniel Dociu, Jeff Grubb, Martin Kerstein, Chris Lye and Randy Price were on hand at Gamescom to reply to some questions from the public. The Guild Wars 2 website was updated with the trailer and FAQ. The three pieces of concept art from facebook yesterday were revealed to be The Druid, Zojja and Rytlock.

Concept art tease continues[править]

August 19

Several more concept art fragments were teased and resolved into more Guild Wars 2 concept art on the facebook site today. There was a fragment of the human fortress Ebonhawke and a piece entitled Dragon Pit from Daniel Dociu. Three more fragments have been left for us to think about until tomorrow.

Call to Gamescom[править]

August 19

The call went out on twitter today for Guild Wars fans to attend the NCsoft booth at Gamescom. "Children of Tyria - make sure to gather tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:00 MESZ at the Ncsoft booth hall 9 A011! ~MK". Those able to attend Gamescom will get the first taste of the new Guild Wars 2 information. Martin Kerstein and the folks from NCsoft look to be appropriately attired for the occasion.

Trailer to be shown at Gamescom?[править]

August 18

Today Guild Wars fans were treated to a video of Martin Kerstein teasing what is thought to be a Guild Wars 2 trailer. The video features Martin's face, and some audio; "Tyria.... Die Drachen waren schon immer hier" which translates from German as "Tyria... The dragons have always been here". The Facebook site teased a piece of Guild Wars 2 concept art, which was part of the larger image, Corrupted Orr.

Web presence arrives[править]

August 17

ArenaNet started to tease the arrival of Guild Wars 2 information with the opening of the official twitter, Facebook, and website pages. The website displays a flash animation showing a burning red dragon in the shape of the number 2 (image and animated version).

Finally! News on Guild Wars 2 soon[править]

August 17

Mike O'Brien has broken the silence on Guild Wars 2. He's posted to his wiki talk page saying Guild Wars 2 is finally in a state which ArenaNet are happy to talk about. It will be an "exciting week" ahead for Guild Wars fans.

Ready when it's ready[править]

February 17

Mike O'Brien stepped into the breach with a letter to fans addressing the stir around the release dates for Guild Wars 2. Eager fans found NCSoft investor materials pointing to a release window for Guild Wars 2 from 2010-2011 which caused an outcry on fan sites because it is later than many hoped it would be. Mike says they've never set a release date, that things are going fine and they'll release the game when it is ready.


Official FAQ available - beta delayed[править]

June 27

The presence of a Guild Wars 2 FAQ on the main Guild Wars website has been noted. While this is good news, it is the harbinger of bad news in that it says any beta testing for Guild Wars is going to be delayed until closer to the release of the game. So don't expect to be playing Guild Wars 2 any time soon.


Guild Wars 2 announced[править]

March 27

ArenaNet announce Guild Wars: Eye of the North will be the last major expansion for Guild Wars. They've started work on a new project - Guild Wars 2