Nightmare Fractal

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Nightmare Fractal

Fractals of the Mists

The Nightmare Fractal is a Fractal and occurs at levels 25, 50, 75 and 100. It is set within the Tower of Nightmares before it was destroyed, where you must escort Arkk.


  • Meet Dessa and assist with her experiments.
    • Fractal Difficulty Scale: x
    • Personal Fractal Level: x
    • Kill the Nightmare enemies.
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Clear out the clockwork minions.
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Multiform Ambulatory Mobile Artillery
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Capture the nightmare orbs that fuel the hallucination.
    • Capture the western altar.
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
      Event flag green.png
    • Capture the eastern altar.
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
      Event flag green.png
    • Capture the nightmare orbs that fuel the hallucination.
    • Capture the central altar.
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
      Event flag green.png
    • Capture the eastern altar.
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
      Event flag green.png
    • Capture the western altar.
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
      Event flag green.png
    • Defeat Siax the Unclean.
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Kill Ensolyss.
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Deactivate orb 1.
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
      Event flag green.png
    • Deactivate orb 2.
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
      Event flag green.png
    • Deactivate orb 3.
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
      Event flag green.png
    • Deactivate orb 4.
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
      Event flag green.png
    • Deactivate orb 5.
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
      Event flag green.png
    • Next island: x

The fight with Ensolyss is interrupted two times (at 66% and 33%) to deactivate orbs 1-5.


This fractal is divided into multiple rooms and linear hallways, making you descend and ascent the tower.

Rooms 1 and 2

The first room has standard Toxic Alliance foes, simply kill them and move on. Between the two rooms is a slope you cannot return up.

The second room is full of Twisted Watchwork. Once they are killed, the first boss will spawn. The Multiform Ambulator Mobile Artillery will periodically begin charging a room-wide explosion; get underneath Arkk's shield when this occurs.

Room 3

After a short hallway where you'll face Hallucinations, you'll enter the third room. There are three altars here that need to be captured by standing in a circular area around it, much like capture points in PvP. In the center of each altar is an orb that shoots out red damaging spheres in alternating patterns. Strafing around the edges of the circle will give you more time to dodge, and there will be occasional blue spheres that you can collect to heal you. The altars also spawn one Veteran Hallucination each, which despawns when the altar is captured.

Room 4

The second hallway houses a small lake with poisoned water and the elite shark Fleshgorge, and a ramp upwards. The ramp has explosions moving downward which can be dodged through. There is also a large plant which shoots poisonous seeds at the party, so you can't stay till

Room Four has Siax, the second boss, who will appear after a mob of Marjory and Kasmeer hallucinations appear and laugh. He will frequently charge up energy to devastate the room, which must be interrupted by breaking his Defiance Bar. Siax will also infect party members with toxin. Shortly afterwards, they will vomit and deal heavy damage to allies in a highlighted conic area in front of themselves.

Room 5

After Siax's fight, there will be a launch pad and a Mistlock Singularity. Taking the launch pad will take you to Ensolyss, the final boss fight of the fractal. Initially, the hatched Ensolyss only has basic melee attacks, but when brought to 75% health his body will grow, his health is reset to 100%, and the true fight begins. This phase is skipped on subsequent attempts.

Ensolyss has various attacks:

  • Tail Swipe: A large conic melee attack that knocks back all party members hit.
  • Dash: Ensolyss teleports to one side of the arena, and soon afterwards dashes towards the other side (with the direction indicated by an arrow). All party members hit take heavy damage and are knocked back, and can be carried by the knockback and take multiple hits.
  • Bouncing Orbs: Releases one or several orbs that strike a target area, then split and bounce across the arena to hit multiple points.
  • Room Explosion: Ensolyss teleports to the middle of the arena and begins charging energy, causing a room-wide explosion once finished. Arkk will create a shield that party members can hide underneath. In later phases, the delay between the start and finish of this attack becomes shorter.
  • Torment Slam: Ensolyss teleports on top on a party member and slams the ground, creating a orange field that deals heavy damage and applies Torment to party members hit.
    • At higher fractal levels, this attack will emit a shockwave that deals no damage, but knocks backs party members hit. Shorty afterwards, Krait Hallucinations will appear on top of all party members and perform the same attack. To fully evade this attack, you must get out of Ensolyss' initial attack area, jump over the shockwave or prevent the knockback in some way, and dodge the hallucination's attack zone.
  • Double Swipe: Only used from 66% health and below. Similar to the Tail Swipe attack, but the area of effect is much larger (a quarter of the arena) and is performed twice in quick succession.
  • Vomit Toxin: Only used from 66% health and below. Similar to Siax's toxin; face away from each other to avoid the conic vomit.

Upon reaching 66% and 33% health, Ensolyss will become invulnerable and leave the arena temporarily. A large orb will spawn in the middle and emit constant streams of red damaging and blue healing spheres. Similar to the altars earlier in the fractal, there will be 5 smaller orbs that must be 'captured' by the party. At higher fractal levels, the centre orb will periodically release a knockback shockwave that can be jumped over, and also barrage the ground with exploding orbs. The outer edges of the room will also become ringed with poison, making the safe fighting space smaller.

At 15% health, Ensolyss will teleport to the middle of the arena and poison the surrounding area, and Arkk will create a shield. The boss will remain still, but Krait Hallucinations will spawn on the edges and dash across the shielded area, indicated by arrows. Finish Ensolyss off to complete the fractal.

Achievement walkthrough[править]

You'll find the first corpse near the beginning of the fractal, before the slope to the first boss's room.

The second corpse can be found behind wood between the first boss's room and the three-altar room.

The third corpse can be found in the three-altar room, beneath one of the altars - there is a cloth wall you can walk through.

The fourth corpse can be found on a ledge over Fleshgorge's lake.

The fifth and final corpse can be found in a small outcropping just past the room in which Siax is fought.

Standing directly under the pod Ensolyss spawns from will net you this achievement. Doing so will remove ~75% of your health.

Challenge Mote walkthrough[править]

Related achievements[править]






Entering the fractal

Dessa: Are those...tree people? They look angry. Be careful!
Mysterious Asura: You again! What preposterous sum have the Inquest promised you for haranguing me? Wasn't the damage to the DDR enough?
Mysterious Asura: Oh my. Judging by your slack jaw and torpid silence, it seems I misunderstood your involvement. Please, follow me.
Mysterious Asura: Apologies for the golems and the gladiator. I presumed you were sent to collect a debt. I can see I was...hasty.
Mysterious Asura: I'll get the door. My device was damaged in the prior chaos, so I've lost a bit of control, but I'm still quite capable.
Arkk: My name is Arkk. We should form a mutually beneficial alliance. The odds are against our survival otherwise.
Arkk: Let's discuss our team strategy. You hit these creatures harder than they hit you. I'll prepare my shield.

Fighting the Multiform Ambulatory Mobile Artillery

Arkk: Ah, a fascinating monstrosity! Intricate. Delicately balanced. Exquisitely dangerous. Kudos, Scarlet.
Arkk: I'll protect you! Take cover under my shield!
Arkk: Mmm-hmm, It has a bipedal attack configuration as well. How inventive.
Arkk: A wondrous design, if flawed. Its remains may prove useful. Mother always said, "Enervate the implements you're given."
Arkk: Nevertheless, well fought. Now regroup and prepare for more ferocious foes ahead.

In the maze

Arkk: Ah, a physical obstacle to confound and demoralize the spatially inept. Good luck!
Arkk: Your progress is adequate. Keep moving, there are more altars ahead.
Arkk: This maze is ample proof that violence is your strong suit. Speaking of which, let's move forward.

Fighting Siax the Unclean

Arkk: We're nearing the ultimate experiment, an entity utilizing a kernel of remarkable power.
Arkk: With the DDR in disrepair after our first meeting, your assistance here will be crucial. I'll lend my aid where I can.
Arkk: But first, another research experiment to overcome. It utilizes some extraordinarily deadly skills. Be ready!
Arkk: Hallucinations, a remarkable tactic. Stay alert!
Arkk: Strike quickly! Don't allow it to finish channeling its attack!
Siax the Unclean:: (chant)
Arkk: You have toxic sickness, how vile. Please refrain from regurgitating on others.
Arkk: How did I not realize sooner that you are much too savagely competent to be hired by the Inquest for debt collection?

Fighting Ensolyss

Arkk: Here we are. This will be our most ambitious and lethal challenge today. But with great risks come great rewards.
Arkk: Now listen closely, it could save your life. The creature in there is extremely volatile. We must work together.
Arkk: At times you may feel that you are overmatched. You must pay close attention to my commands!
Arkk: Given your destructive adroitness, there may even be a chance you won't be obliterated.
Arkk: Go on. Given your penchant for murdering things, your mathematical chance of survival is greater than zero!
Ensolyss: (mewl)
Ensolyss: (shriek)
Arkk: Quickly, retreat inside my shielding!
Ensolyss: I am aware.
Ensolyss: Suffer, mortal things.
Arkk: The shield! Hurry!
Arkk: I'll protect you! Take cover under my shield!
Ensolyss: How dare you defile my birth chamber.
Ensolyss: All your fears. All your delirium. Feeding me.
Ensolyss: Suffer and die in terror.
Ensolyss: My power, my awareness, grows by the moment.
Ensolyss: I am hatred and horror made manifest.
Ensolyss: The ouroboros turns eternally, vine and serpent entwined in me.
Ensolyss: You may die now.
Ensolyss: Stop! Your kind will not contain me.
Ensolyss: I will not be destroyed by such as you.
Ensolyss: No! I cannot be the last of my kind.
Arkk: It's nearly dispatched — put it out of commission!
Ensolyss: (roar)

Leaving the fractal

Arkk: Fantastic work. Truly. And now it's time that I terminate our verbal contract. Your recklessness has served my purpose.
Arkk: I'll take the orb. You take solace in knowing your destructive exuberance has at least balanced the ledger between us.
Arkk: I can reconstruct the diaphanous diffraction randomizer. And you no longer have to feel guilty for derailing my mission.
Arkk: Now excuse me — I'm here for more than tourism and indiscriminate pillaging. You're of no further use. Stay out of my way!
Dessa: You did it! look...unhealthy. We should probably quarantine you when you return.