Not So Secret

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Not So Secret

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Map of Not So Secret

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Not So Secret

Not So Secret - это прыгательная головоломка в Gendarran Fields с двумя маршрутами. Первый ведет к достижению Not So Secret, другой к Diving Goggles.

Как добраться[править]

Головоломка на второй базе Эфирных Клинков, которая находится к югу от
Waypoint (tango icon).png
Broadhollow Waypoint в Broadhollow Bluffs, Gendarran Fields. Прыгните на площадку, чтобы начать головоломку.


  • This puzzle requires the use of launch pads that fire every few seconds, launching any players on it up into the air. Take time to get used to how these work early on, as they are used repeatedly throughout the puzzle.
    • In particular, you can stand by the edge of the launch pad to gain extra horizontal distance.
  • Zip pads fire every few seconds and send your character flying forward in whichever direction the character is facing. They are shaped like gears and spin around. Use these to traverse longer jumps that are normally impossible.
  • It is very easy to jump too far and fall off platforms, as several jumps in this puzzle are shorter than a full jump, and many times you are aiming for a thin landing point.
  • The early portions of the puzzle include passages hidden by holographic walls. If you can't see a way forward, watch for shimmering cave walls.
  • To make it easier to survive your jump with the diving goggles, have a party member wait in the water below you and aim towards their location.


This method still works after the March 16, 2015 update.

Beneath the hull of the airship is a deep hole with water and a chest at the bottom. To the southwest of that well is a large green vertical pipe with rock jutting up beside it. It's possible to use the rock to get up to the ridge around that pipe, then jump over to the ridge around a nearby pipe (this is a long jump so you'll need a speed boost). Then you need to get onto the adjacent platform with an Aetherblade Thug on it. You have two options:

  • Option A is to use a skill to get up onto the platform (for line of sight teleports, you will need to be standing on the northwest side of the pipe edge, and target the closest bit of the raised platform).
  • Option B is to sidle up between the Thug platform and your pipe as close as possible, and then log out to the character selection screen and log back in. You will now be standing on the Thug platform and probably be under attack.

If you can execute the shortcut successfully, it lets you skip having to go through the ship to get to that platform. This avoids quite a bit of jumping.

Profession-specific tips
  • Elementalist tango icon 20px.png Lightning Flash can skip to the portion directly above the well.
  • Guardian tango icon 20px.png Judge's Intervention can skip to the portion directly above the well.
  • Thief tango icon 20px.png Infiltrator's Arrow or Shadowstep can skip to the portion directly above the well.
  • Mesmer tango icon 20px.png Blink can skip to the portion directly above the well. Portals can be used to avoid having to restart parts of the puzzle.
  • Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Summon Flesh Wurm can skip to the portion directly above the well. Spectral Walk can be used to "undo" a failed jump if used prior to jumping and then recalling in mid-air.
  • Engineer tango icon 20px.png Jump Shot cannot jump to the same spot as the above four, but can jump with the skill to the tip of the wing of the ship.


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Во время Sky Pirates of Tyria[править]

Впервые персонажи столкнулись с этой головоломкой во время прохождения живой истории. Сундук тогда содержал наплечники, в зависимости от типа брони персонажа:






  • Таинственное горное образование, в котором скрывается головоломка, впервые появился в обновлении Dragon Bash. Сама головоломка появилась в обновлении Sky Pirates of Tyria, но была недоступна до 1 июля 2013. Очки в конце второго маршрута стали 38 парой.


  • Этот сундук появляется не сразу после ежедневного сброса. Если вы хотите получить награду сразу после сброса, перейдите гостем в другой мир.
  • Иногда сервер лагает, и запускающие площадки могут кидать игроков на меньшее расстояние, чем должно быть.