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Novelties are a type of Wardrobe unlock for toys and items for social interaction.


  • One novelty of each type can be slotted in the Equipment tab of the Hero panel, under the Novelties section.
  • Once slotted, the current one can be selected by right-clicking the icon or the small selection arrow adjacent to the icon.
    • It is also possible to assign keys to toggle the current novelty and to activate each equipped novelty.
  • Novelties suffer the same restrictions as the original gizmos
    • Some novelties cannot be used under the effect of a transformation.
    • Some novelties cannot be used in WvW.
    • Most novelties can not be activated while in combat, but some of them, like kites, can.
    • The Zephyr Sanctum Model can only be used in major cities.



  • All of those items were previously gizmos before the introduction of the Novelties feature in the August 28, 2018 update.
  • Tonics have been confirmed to be added as a Novelty feature in a future update. [1]