Obsidian Sanctum

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Obsidian Sanctum


The Obsidian Sanctum is the long jumping puzzle located in the Eternal Battlegrounds. It is accessed through a Mystic Portal, which can be found in any of the three keeps on the map.

Dark Room[править]

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The Dark Room refers to a pitch black section of a jumping puzzle. It is situated at about halfway through the dungeon.

At the entry to the staircase that descends into the dark room is a torch dispenser which gives your character a torch. This allows you to light your way through the room by throwing torches to targetable-AoE locations, and by simply walking around holding the torch. The jumping puzzle continues onwards through the dark room and contains several traps to knock you down, however the main trap is the darkness itself.

Along the way there is a statue of a lizard which you can thrust your torch into in order to light a line of fire, possibly for illumination purposes only.

The Mad Memoires: Complete Edition provides enough illumination on your character to go through the dark room without using a torch. Flamethrower can also be used to reliably light the way. Jump Shot can be used skip a considerable portion of the puzzle (everything after the last set of traps). Any source of Stability will make bypassing the traps easy.

Tip: Be aware and careful when entering the Dark Room, players have been known to wait inside to attack opponents.

Mystic Fountains[править]

There are 3 mystic fountains strewn throughout the jump puzzle for the purposes of completing it undisturbed or setting traps for enemies along the puzzle route. Usage of the mystic fountain gives you 5 minutes of invisibility, which acts as a costume transformation: you cannot use any skills or traits while in this mode, and being hit by any PvP damage will dispel the cloak. The fountain has a 30 second cooldown between uses, and using the fountain while already under its effects will not extend your timer.

The first fountain is located to the right of the entrance in a cave accessible by a short jumping puzzle starting at a structure in the water.

The second fountain is located at the top of a scalable incline just before entering the well with the board platforms.

The third fountain is located past the top of the arena. At the last spike trap area in the puzzle, instead of going up the short staircase with the boulders to continue the puzzle, go in the opposite direction down the other staircase and turn right.


Orichalcum Ore[править]

There are two guaranteed spawns of Orichalcum Ore placed at random intervals along the jump puzzle.