On Orrian Shores

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On Orrian Shores

1325 AE
Living World Season 3
One Path Ends
Siren's Landing
(Ruins of Orr)
Shining Blade Secrets
The Flow of Magic
On Orrian Shores is the third part of One Path Ends.


  • Find the ship that Exemplar Kerida has waiting for you.
    • Request permission to board the Shining Blade's boat.
  • Explore the Orrian coast to see if the Eye of Janthir is here.
    • Board the boat to Orr.
    • Gather intel on what's happening here.
    • Find Firstborn Dagonet.
    • Talk to Firstborn Dagonet.
    • Kill ley-line scavengers and use their magical organs to reclaim undead corpses.: (0/3)
    • Talk to King Reza.








At Lion's Arch[править]

Speaking with Shining Blade Agent Bilman:

<Character name>: Hello. I'm the passenger you're waiting for. The Shining Blade is providing me with passage to Orr.
Shining Blade Agent Bilman: I'll need your boarding token.
<Character name>: I don't have a token. I wasn't given one. Hold on... I know how to straighten this out.
<Character name>: Exemplar Kerida, come in. There's a Shining Blade agent here forbidding me from boarding the ship to Orr.
Exemplar Kerida: Ooh, so formal. Is the agent there with you, Commander?
Shining Blade Agent Bilman: I must receive a proper boarding token. I have my orders.
Exemplar Kerida: Agent, this is Exemplar Kerida. The commander is on a Blade mission. You will transport him/her to Orr. Code SBEJ1998.
<Character name>: You don't have to shout.
Shining Blade Agent Bilman: Yes, Exemplar! I apologize. I didn't realize... You may board at will.

At Siren's Landing[править]

Upon arrival at the docks:

<Character name>: Come in, Exemplar. We just docked, in Orr. Thanks for the ship. Have you found the Eye?
Exemplar Kerida: Oh, no. Was I supposed to be looking for the Eye?
<Character name>: Are you kidding me?
Exemplar Kerida: Did you know these islands are strange? I just left a raggedy carnival trying to capture a rampaging slothasor.
<Character name>: I'm familiar... Don't you want to know whether I found the Eye?
Exemplar Kerida: It's unnecessary, my dear. You asked me if I did, ergo, you did not. Out and over!

Speaking with Camp Coordinator Philia:

Camp Coordinator Philia: Greetings, wayfarer. Have you come to help us reclaim this accursed land?
<Character name>: I'm afraid not. I'm looking for someone. Have you seen or heard reports of Balthazar here?
Camp Coordinator Philia: Oh! I did hear a rumor that the being called Balthazar had been seen here. The royal ghosts were buzzing about it.
<Character name>: Do you know where he went? Or have you seen the Eye of Janthir, a floating...
Camp Coordinator Philia: The floating pyramid eye? It passed this way not long ago, but I dared not approach it. It was headed inland.
Camp Coordinator Philia: I suggest you start your search with Dagonet the Firstborn. You'll find him at the Reliquary of Melandru.

Speaking with Firstborn Dagonet:

Firstborn Dagonet: I can hardly believe my eyes. The destroyer of Zhaitan, here to help us reclaim Orr?
King Reza: The destroyer of Zhaitan? I remember you. You were of great service to me once.
<Character name>: Sorry to be abrupt, but I'm looking for Balthazar or the Eye of Janthir, a floating...
Firstborn Dagonet: Oh, we know what it is. They've both been here, but you cannot follow where they went.
If asura:
<Character name>: Why for the Eternal Alchemy can't I?
If charr:
<Character name>: Why not?
If human:
<Character name>: What's the problem?
If sylvari:
<Character name>: Is there a problem?
King Reza: The main reliquary—Abaddon's—is locked down.
Firstborn Dagonet: Only the Reliquary of Melandru is illuminated. It was like that when we arrived, so we're studying it.
King Reza: God magic once powered this place, but that was ages ago.
<Character name>: That ley line might be the source.
Firstborn Dagonet: I'm trying to harness ley-line magic to return Risen bodies to the soil. To finally cleanse Orr.
<Character name>: Taimi? If I wanted to find a portable source of ley-line magic, where would I look?
Taimi: Ooh, a conundrum! Let's see. Remember Spencer, my chak organ buddy? It turns out there are others like him.
Taimi: You're already in a place with high magic concentration. Look for a creature that glows, and then cut out its ley organ.
<Character name>: Uh. That's disgusting. But if it works.
Firstborn Dagonet: If the organ contains enough magic, it should destroy the Risen. At least, in theory.
King Reza: Dagonet, when did it become acceptable to carry a child locked in one's pack?

Talking to King Reza after completing Reclaim Melandru's reliquary:

King Reza: At last, there's hope for Orr's resurrection.
Firstborn Dagonet: Your assistance with the reclamation is much appreciated, Commander!
<Character name>: I'm not done yet. I need to know more about Abaddon's Reliquary.
King Reza: In Orr's prime, this place—the complex—held the reliquaries of the gods.
Firstborn Dagonet: Abaddon, being the keeper of secrets, secured each god's must cherished scrolls, mementos, and artifacts for them.
Firstborn Dagonet: The other reliquaries must all be lit and the corruption removed before Abaddon's will open.
King Reza: I need your help with the reliquaries.
King Reza: Start with the Reliquary of Grenth. Use your ley-line magic to banish this Zhaitan pox!
If asura:
<Character name>: Understood!
If charr:
<Character name>: I'm on it.
If human:
<Character name>: I'll make sure of it.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: I'll make sure of it.

My story[править]

Файл:On Orrian Shores.jpg

It's wonderful to see so many working so hard to reclaim Orr. A large group of sylvari are making strides by returning the Risen to the soil. I encountered the ghost of King Reza and Firstborn Dagonet as well. They're both attempting to revitalize this land. I've learned that ley-line energy can be used to reclaim dead Risen.

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