Patrick Wyatt

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Patrick Wyatt was one of the three founders of ArenaNet, along with Mike O'Brien and Jeff Strain. He led the network and technology teams for Guild Wars. In 2008 he left his position at ArenaNet to become the Chief Technology Officer of NCsoft West, and in 2010 moved to En Masse Entertainment, where he currently is the Chief Operations Officer for for the MMORPG TERA.

Prior to founding ArenaNet, Patrick Wyatt worked at Blizzard Entertainment for eight years, where he was Vice President of Research and Development. He was producer and lead programmer on Warcraft I, producer and senior programmer on Warcraft II, and senior programmer on Diablo and Starcraft. He took over the team from Mike O'Brien after Mike started the Warcraft III team. He also worked on Lost Vikings, Battle Chess, Rock and Roll Racing, Death and Return of Superman, and Justice League Task Force.