Phase Retreat

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Phase Retreat.png

Phase Retreat

10 Время перезарядки  

Телепортироваться прочь от своей цели, призвав клон, который применяет заклинание Winds of Chaos.

 Combo.png Комбо-финал: Прыжок
 Range.png Дальность: 1200

— Внутриигровое описание [?]


  • Although it is not a stun break, Phase Retreat can often be used while impaired, such as when knocked down. The impairing effect might get canceled visually, but the Mesmer will still be unable to move/act.
  • The clone only summons if the Mesmer targets a foe, and it casts Winds of Chaos every 1.25 seconds.
  • When used while targeting something (ally or foe) this skill will teleport the Mesmer directly away regardless of the direction s/he was facing.
  • Without a target, the Mesmer will always teleport directly backward.
When used in some locations, this can teleport you outside of the game world, both over and underwater. You may need to travel to a waypoint after exiting combat, since you likely won't be able to teleport back with skills both over and underwater.