Pocket Raptor

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Pocket Raptors are tiny saurians found in the Heart of Maguuma and on the Ring of Fire.


Heart of Maguuma
Ring of Fire

Heart involvement[править]

Win the favor of the circus (unknown)

Combat abilities[править]

  • Always found in packs
  • Low health pool
  • Packs deal fast damage and cripple
  • Bite
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Dark Stained Claw.png Dark Stained Claw 1


  • Despite the name, Pocket Raptors do not progress the Raptor Slayer achievement.
  • Despite their notoriety, Pocket Raptors are only deadly if you're not paying attention or attempting to outrun them. A prepared adventurer can easily take down 1-2 packs by walking into a pack, then dropping an AoE skill or two at their feet, along with some sort of crowd control or protective skill for good measure.