Precocious Aurene

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Precocious Aurene

Живой Мир: Сезон 3
A Crack in the Ice
the Forgotten City
Dragon Vigil
Journey to Bitterfrost Frontier


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Precocious Aurene is the first part of A Crack in the Ice.


Back in Tarir
  • Meet with the Luminate in Tarir.
  • Talk with the Luminate.
  • Bonding Level
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Enter the portal to meet up with Aurene.
  • Coax Aurene to accompany you.
Helping the Needy
  • Enter the portal
  • Bonding level
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Head to the shallows.
  • Instruct Aurene to gather trapped fish.
  • Find toys for the children.
Defending the weak
  • Enter the portal
  • Bonding level
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Talk to the Vigil medic.
  • Show Aurene how to help the wounded up.
  • Show Aurene where to take the wounded.




Precocious Aurene

Don't let the Mordrem kill any of the soldiers. This can be accomplished on the first playthrough.






Starting the Episode
<Character name>: Aurene? What are you doing out here?
<Character name>: That was...odd. Must've been some sort of projection.
<Character name>: I should return to Tarir. Something strange is going on.
Speaking to Luminate
Luminate: Ah, Commander. Excellent timing — I was just about to send word. Aurene has been calling for you.
<Character name>: Yes, I know. She's been appearing to me. Much like she is right now.
Luminate: Aurene? What are you talking about?
<Character name>: And she's gone. Didn't you see her?
Luminate: Interesting... I saw nothing. You must've made quite an impression on her. It's as if she's chosen you to light her path.
Luminate: For now, Aurene is just an infant, forming her first pictures of the world around her.
Luminate: But make no mistake: she'll one day achieve great power. As her guardians, it's our duty to set her down the right path.
<Character name>: I'm at Aurene's disposal. What's the plan?
Luminate: A bond already exists between the two of you. Our goal is to nurture and strengthen that bond.
Luminate: To that end, we've prepared a series of challenges meant to demonstrate virtues to the hatchling.
Luminate: In the chambers ahead, you will help the needy, defend the weak, and train Aurene for battle.
Luminate: In the final chamber waits the truest test of your bond: a foe that you can only defeat with Aurene's trust and help.
<Character name>: We've got our work cut out for us. Is Aurene ready for this?
Luminate: She'll be fine. Just be patient with her. Aurene's at a...rambunctious age, and she sees everything as play.
Luminate: Step through the portal when you're ready.
Speaking to Caithe
Caithe: Welcome back, Commander. Do you have a moment?
<Character name>: Caithe. How are things going here?
Caithe: Quiet, for the most part. Between the Exalted and myself, Aurene has a lot of eyes watching over her.
Caithe: I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you letting me stand guard over her, after all that's happened.
Caithe: I want you to trust me like you did before.
<Character name>: Mordremoth turned all of our worlds upside down.
Caithe: That's putting it lightly.
Caithe: Since the Firstborn awoke, our trust and faith in the Pale Mother has been absolute. Then we heard the call of our creator — our true creator.
Caithe: That creator now lies vanquished. Where does that leave the sylvari? What is our place in this new world we've created?
Caithe: No one can answer those questions for us. We must answer them with action. There is much to do.
(if sylvari)
<Character name>: It'll take time. But our people will find a way forward. I'm certain of it.
(if not sylvari)
<Character name>: It'll take time. But I'm sure you and your people will find a way forward.
Caithe: Thank you, Commander. Don't let me keep you. I've got things well looked after here.
Speaking to Luminate again
Do you have an questions before you begin?
Talk more option tango.png
Tell me more about helping the needy.
We've simulated an encounter with a guardian escorting orphaned children. They're out of food and need assistance. You will illustrate the virtues of charity and selflessness for Aurene's benefit.
Talk back option tango.png
I see.
Talk more option tango.png
Tell me more about defending the weak.
We've simulated an encounter with sick and wounded Vigil who are fending off a Mordrem ambush. You will help them and thus teach the hatchling about honor and mercy.
Talk back option tango.png
I see.
Talk more option tango.png
Tell me more about training for battle.
Aurene must learn the ways of combat if she is to survive. You will fight with her and help her overcome her fears. Aurene will learn to trust you and to know the difference between friend and foe.
Talk back option tango.png
I see.
Talk more option tango.png
Tell me more about the final test.
You will face a foe that can only be defeated with Aurene's latent magical abilities. Your bond will be tested. You two must work together and trust one another if you hope to overcome this challenge.
Talk back option tango.png
I see.
Talk end option tango.png
No questions. Let's get to work.
After using the portal
<Character name>: "Rambunctious age" indeed. Aurene! Come on out!
<Character name>: She's got to be around here somewhere... (repeating while searching)
<Character name>: Come on out, Aurene! (repeating while searching)
<Character name>: Now where could she be... (repeating while searching)
<Character name>: Ha! Gotcha!
<Character name>: Again? Well, all right.
<Character name>: She's got to be around here somewhere... (repeating while searching)
<Character name>: Come on out, Aurene! (repeating while searching)
<Character name>: Now where could she be... (repeating while searching)
<Character name>: Found you!
<Character name>: All right, Aurene. We've had our fun, but it's time to get to work, don't you think?
After using the portal
Veteran Exalted Sage: Commander. Are you ready to demonstrate charity and benevolence to the scion?
<Character name>: How about it, Aurene? Are we ready?
Aurene: (positive chirp)
Veteran Exalted Sage: Then let us begin.
Speaking to Priory Arcanist
Priory Arcanist: Oh, thank the Six — I haven't seen another soul in some time. These children are in desperate need, stranger.
<Character name>: What's going on?
Priory Arcanist: These kids were orphaned in a vicious attack on their village. They lost everything — their homes, their families.
Priory Arcanist: I'm taking them to an orphanage, but we've got a long road ahead of us, and we've just run out of food.
Priory Arcanist: There's good fishing in the shallows nearby, but I can't leave the children... And I'm awful at fishing.
Priory Arcanist: Could you help us gather some food to get us through the rest of our journey?
<Character name>: What do you think, Aurene? Should we give them a hand?
Aurene: (positive chirp)
Start gathering fish
<Character name>: Aurene, go check the traps.
Retrieve collected fish from Aurene
<Character name>: Aurene? You're not eating any of that fish, are you?
Aurene: (neutral chirp)
<Character name>: Because we're supposed to be feeding starving children. Starving ORPHANED children. We'll eat when we're done, okay?
Aurene: (positive chirp)
<Character name>: I'm going to assume that's dragon for "understood."
Giving the smoked fish to Priory Arcanist
Priory Arcanist: This is quite a bounty you've brought us! We should have more than enough to last us through the rest of our journey.
Priory Arcanist: As a matter of fact, it's almost too much. Here, take some with you. For your companion.
Aurene: (chitters happily)
<Character name>: We found some toys while we were out gathering up the fish. Maybe the children could make use of them? (if you collected the toys)
Priory Arcanist: Oh my — yes, I'm sure we can find a place for these. (if you collected the toys)
Priory Arcanist: These children have been through a lot, but atleast they won't be going hungry. Thanks so much for the help.
<Character name>: You hear that, Aurene? You did a lot of good here.
Giving the smoked fish to Aurene
<Character name>: Look here, Aurene. I've brought a treat for you.
After using the portal
Veteran Tarnished Sage: Here you will illustrate the virtues of mercy and honor for Glint's scion. Are you ready, Commander?
Aurene: (positive chirp)
<Character name>: You heard her. Let's get started.
Veteran Tarnished Sage: The trial
Vigil Medic: Who goes there? Are you friend or foe? State your intentions!
Speaking to the Vigil Medic
<Character name>: Calm down. We mean you no harm. What happened to you?
Vigil Medic: We were ambushed by dragon minions. It was absolute chaos. Our casualties mounted swiftly, so we fell back here.
Vigil Medic: We're tending to the wounded as fast as we can, but the creatures are hot on our trail, and it won't be long before...
Vigil Medic: Wait, do you hear that?
Vigil Medic: Oh no — more of them! We're defenseless! Please, stranger — help us drive them back!
Speaking to the Vigil Medic after rescuring wounded Vigil and destroying enemy portals
<Character name>: That sould be all of them. You and your people are safe now.
Vigil Medic: I can't believe we survived. We'd all but given up hope before you came along.
Aurene: (negative fidget)
Vigil Medic: You and your companion, I mean. Thank you both.
<Character name>: We were happy to help. Good luck on the rest of your journey.
After using the portal
Veteran Tarnished Sage: Greetings, Commander. This trial is meant to convey the virtues of courage and valor to hatchling. Shall we begin?
<Character name>: Absolutely.
Veteran Tarnished Sage: Prepare yourselves.
After destroying the Ooze generators
<Character name>: I think that's all of them.
Aurene: (positive chirp)
<Character name>: You fought bravely, Aurene. Good work.
After using the portal
Veteran Tarnished Sage: Welcome to the last chamber, Commander. Here, you bond with the hatchling will be put a final test.
Veteran Tarnished Sage: You must work together with the hatchling to defeat the foe that awaits you. Are you prepared to face this challenge?
Aurene: (roar)
<Character name>: We've come too far to stop now. Let's do it.
Veteran Tarnished Sage: Ready yourselves. The test
During final fight (repeats every special action)
<Character name>: I need you, Aurene! Give it all you've got!
<Character name>: Your moment has arrived! Don't hold back now!
Aurene: (roar)
After defeating the final boss
<Character name>: That breath attack of yours was phenomenal! Outstanding work!
Aurene: (chitters happily)
<Character name>: I should speak with the Luminate. You rest now, Aurene. You've earned it.
Luminate: Well done, Commander. We've given the hatchling the best possible start that we can.
Luminate: She still has much to learn about her place in the world. But thanks to you, she has a foundation of trust to build on.
Taimi: Commander? Do you read me? Sorry to interrupt, but I've got some urgent news.
Taimi: I've been examining that destroyer sample you retrieved, and I've come to a conclusion: I was right! As usual!
<Character name>: So it's true — the dragons are absorbing each other's influences? And becoming more powerful in the process?
Taimi: That's right. And there's more.
Taimi: I've been digging through old Rata Novan research on Primordus for an exploitable weakness, and I found a solid lead.
Taimi: According to these findings, Primordus's domain of magic can be counteracted somehow, negating it altogether!
Taimi: As for the possible counteracting agent, I'm still investigating. New answers lead to new questions. What's your status?
<Character name>: I just finished spending some...quality time with Aurene.
Taimi: Glad to hear it. Especially if it lessens the likelihood of an older, bigger Aurene going rogue and slaughtering us all.
<Character name>: I definitely wouldn't object to having a dragon fight with me rather than against me.
Taimi: There's an appealing thought. I wonder if ... (gasp) Commander! That's it!
Taimi: We need a force that can counter Primordus. What if it's another dragon? An ice dragon, for instance?
Taimi: Remember what I was telling you about that chak organ? How it could selectively filter certain types of magic?
Taimi: If we can discern magic types, we may be able to pit Jormag and Primordus against one another, destroying them both at once!
<Character name>: Are you suggesting we get Jormag and Primordus to fight one another? How?
Taimi: Not the dragons themselves — their energies. As for how, I'm... not quite sure just yet. Our first task is to test the theory.
<Character name>: Okay, let's say we pursue this course of action. What comes next?
Taimi: We confirm the theory in the lab, utilizing small amounts of magic to see if they'll actually counteract one another.
Taimi: And we'll need an icebrood sample — one showing signs of influence from our dearly departed Mordremoth and Zhaitan.
<Character name>: Then I'd better get to the Shiverpeaks. I'll find Braham while I'm there and talk to him about joining Dragon's Watch.
Taimi: I'm sure he'll want to hear all about our new plans for Jormag, too.
Taimi: I'll get to work on some means of pitting the energies agains one another. Good luck in the Shiverpeaks, Commander!


If a player other than the instance-owner runs ahead in the maze room and stands on the wall before it has raised in the Training for Battle section, the rising wall can trap that player. Use the /stuck command to be teleported to the beginning of the instance. The portal will return you to the maze room.


My story[править]

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Aurene is old enough to begin her training. I'm sure Glint would be pleased. The Exalted set up several challenges for her and I to conquer together. I taught the little dragon compassion, courage, and teamwork. Our final challenge put our bond to the test, and we overcame it. The creature we defeated never had a chance.

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