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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the combo finisher. Для the generic game mechanic, смотрите Projectile.

A Projectile finisher is a skill that can create a combo effect by interacting with a combo field. Projectile effects are applied directly to the skill's target. Projectile finishers are unique among finishers insofar that some projectiles, particularly those from skills with no cooldown and that fire multiple projectiles, will only combo 20% of the time. For such skills, the combo indicator will still appear and the projectile will take on the visual appearance of the combo, but will not necessarily apply the additional effect. Piercing projectiles will apply the combo effect to every enemy hit.

Combo effects by field[править]

Field Effect
Dark Lifesteal
Ethereal Confusion
Fire Burning
Ice Chilled
Light Remove Condition
Lightning Vulnerability
Poison Poison
Smoke Blindness
Water Regeneration


Some skills only have a 20% chance to trigger a projectile finisher. These have been referred to in update notes as "small projectile finishers".

Full projectile finishers (100%)[править]

Warrior icon small.png Warrior
Aimed Shot.png
 Aimed Shot
Brutal Shot.png
 Brutal Shot
Impale (warrior sword skill).png
Kill Shot.png
 Kill Shot
Mariner's Shot.png
 Mariner's Shot
Pin Down.png
 Pin Down
Throw Axe.png
 Throw Axe
Throw Bolas.png
 Throw Bolas
Throw Boulder.png
 Throw Boulder
Engineer icon small.png Engineer
Launch Personal Battering Ram.png
 Launch Personal Battering Ram
Fierce Shot.png
 Surprise Shot
Throw Wrench.png
 Throw Wrench
Throw Shield.png
 Throw Shield
Capture Line.png
 Capture Line
Timed Charge.png
 Timed Charge
Net Shot.png
 Net Wall
Ranger icon small.png Ranger
Concussion Shot.png
 Concussion Shot
Counter Throw.png
 Counter Throw
Crippling Shot.png
 Crippling Shot
Crippling Talon.png
 Crippling Talon
Crippling Throw.png
 Crippling Throw
Hunter's Shot.png
 Hunter's Shot
Path of Scars.png
 Path of Scars
Point-Blank Shot.png
 Point-Blank Shot
Quick Shot.png
 Quick Shot
Thief icon small.png Thief
Black Powder.png
 Black Powder
Bola Shot.png
 Bola Shot
Dancing Dagger.png
 Dancing Dagger
 Disabling Shot (shortbow)
Disabling Shot (thief harpoon gun skill).png
 Disabling Shot (harpoon gun)
Poison Tip Strike.png
Head Shot.png
 Head Shot
Piercing Shot.png
 Piercing Shot
Scorpion Wire.png
 Scorpion Wire
Shadow Shot.png
 Shadow Shot
Shoot Rifle.png
 Shoot Rifle (stolen)
Sneak Attack.png
 Sneak Attack
Throw Lava Rock.png
 Throw Lava Rock (stolen)
Net Shot.png
 Throw Net (stolen)
Throw Boulder.png
 Throw Rock (stolen)
Throw Scale.png
 Throw Scale (stolen)
Elementalist icon small.png Elementalist
Arcane Blast.png
 Arcane Blast
Frost Volley.png
 Frost Volley
Magnetic Grasp.png
 Magnetic Grasp
Shock Wave.png
 Shock Wave
Mesmer icon small.png Mesmer
Magic Bullet.png
 Magic Bullet
Mirror Blade.png
 Mirror Blade
Necromancer icon small.png Necromancer
Summon Bone Fiend.png
 Summon Bone Fiend
Summon Flesh Wurm.png
 Summon Flesh Wurm
Charr tango icon 20px.png Charr
Heat Seeker.png
 Heat Seeker
Hidden Pistol.png
 Hidden Pistol

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