Prospect Valley

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Prospect Valley

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Dry Top
Connects to
Tangle Root
Prospect Valley is the only area in Dry Top currently accessible. It is where the Zephyr Sanctum fell to the earth after being sabotaged in 1327 AE.

Locations and objectives[править]

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Dry Top Entry Waypoint
Waypoint (tango icon).png
Prosperity Waypoint
Points of Interest
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Abandoned Mine
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Choke Canyon
Point of interest.png
Crash Site
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Flatland Wastes
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Lair of the Beast
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Prosperity Mine
Point of interest.png
Salamander's Rise
Point of interest.png
Ship's Fall
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Sparring Rock
Point of interest.png
Spurbend Canyon
Point of interest.png
Town of Prosperity
Skill Challenges
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Wreckage of Zephyrite Crystal Garden (80)
Crash Site Vista
Sparring Rock Vista
Jumping Puzzles
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Prospect Valley Crash Site





Repair Anvil


Ambient creature
Wind Rider

Ambient dialogue[править]

Aura: "My friend, try not to surrender to despair. This will pass, and our hearts will heal--"
Lucent: "I brought this suffering on myself, turning my back on my ancestors to follow my love into the sky."
Aura: "We can't allow the pain to crystallize in our hearts. Its shards will cut deep, Lucent."
Lucent: "Bennet..."
Aura: "Excuse me?"
Lucent: "My parents named me Bennet. How could I have shed their blessings so casually?"
Lucent: "My love brought me to our sanctum, where she renamed me. She said I brought light and clarity to her heart..."
Aura: "Oh Luce--Bennet. Know that you're not alone in this. I wish you peace."
Explorer Kitabu: "You don't seem to have any problem getting back and forth across that quicksand into town."
Explorer Savio: "What can I say? I picked up a thing or two from a particularly generous Zephyrite."
Explorer Savio: "Amoxtli, just let me know if you want me to show you my new skills, okay?"
Explorer Amoxtli: "You only wish you had anything to teach me."
Explorer Kitabu: "Wait, are you saying you've got a thing going with one of those poor refugees, too?"
Explorer Savio: "What? No, I meant from interviewing them. Gods, what kind of insatiable beast do you take me for?"
Explorer Savio: "Okay, don't answer that."
Seraph Medic: "You're fortunate to still be with us."
Zephyrite: (scream) "No!"
Seraph Medic: "Please try to relax. There was a crash, you—"
Zephyrite: "Can't believe he did this. We took him in. Was one of us..."
Seraph Medic: "Did you see something? Can you describe him?"
Zephyrite: "Wild, raving... Masters...couldn't contain... There, in the..." (moan)
Seraph Medic: "Sir?"
Seraph Medic (1): "Have any of the Zephyrites said anything about their, uh, their rituals?"
Seraph Medic (2): "Rituals? No, why do you... Oh."
Seraph Medic (1): "Yeah. We're going to need to know what they want...done for them."
Seraph Medic (1): "We didn't come ready for this kind of mission."
Seraph Medic (2): "No, and there are more coming in all the time."
Seraph Medic (1): "Just hope they can keep the way clear back to Tangle Root so we can get resupplied."
Explorer Amoxtli: "Why do you think Steward Gixx chose the three of us to explore this region?"
Explorer Savio: "I just assumed he was trying to get rid of us."
Explorer Amoxtli: "I don't think so. The steward has always been good to me."
Explorer Kitabu: "Savio was kidding."
Explorer Savio: "I was? Oh! I mean, of course I was."
Zephyrite: "We owe you our lives." (groan) "We're very fortunate."
Seraph Medic: "Easy, now. Better?"
Zephyrite: "Yes, thank you."
Seraph Medic: "Fortune... We came chasing a lead on some bandit traders and just happened to break through to Dry Top when all of you fell out of the sky."
Zephyrite: "Our aspects aligned, then. There is meaning to this." (cough)
Seraph Medic: "If you say so, sir. Okay, lie still now."
Explorer Amoxtli: "There's something about humans I don't understand."
Explorer Savio: (snort) "This should be interesting."
Explorer Amoxtli: "Each morning I see my god rise in the east and set in the west. I feel Zintl's warmth on my skin..."
Explorer Kitabu: "Oh, I see. You're wondering how we feel about the remoteness of our gods?"
Explorer Amoxtli: "That's it, exactly. I read that they used to be more present in your lives?"
Explorer Kitabu: "They still are. We feel their blessings every day. They lend us their strength, their power."
Explorer Amoxtli: "I...think I understand now. Thank you."
Explorer Savio: (laugh) "In that case, maybe you can explain it to me."
Seraph Medic: "Are you feeling better?"
Zephyrite: "I'll mend physically, but my heart may never stop aching for all we've lost."
Zephyrite: "It happened so fast. There was a flash, and then the world turned sideways. Everyone was falling."
Zephyrite: "I...asked Glint for a merciful end. I awoke here, instead."
Explorer Kitabu: "I saw the way you two were looking at each other."
Explorer Savio: "Well, you know, Amoxtli is one fine looking hylek."
Explorer Amoxtli: (giggle)
Explorer Kitabu: "No. That woman we were interviewing in town earlier. Are you and she..."
Explorer Savio: (gasp)"Are you accusing me of fraternizing with the locals?"
Explorer Kitabu: "Just don't forget we're on a mission, here."
Explorer Savio: "Hey, it's a mission of exploration, right? I'm just...exploring."
Explorer Amoxtli: (laugh)
Foreman Abe: "Don't worry. I'm sure we're gonna hit a rich new copper vein any day now."
Gigor: "There's something down there, all right. It's making our digging equipment act all screwy."
Foreman Abe: "See? That's...probably a real good sign right there."
Explorer Amoxtli: "Do you think it's a bad omen that a sky-ship crashed just as we arrived in this area?"
Explorer Kitabu: "Hmm. Now that you mention it, the timing was strangely coincidental."
Explorer Savio: "Sorry, I should have warned you that I have a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time."
Resident (1): "You know, I caught that crazy moa once. She's not so fast."
Resident (2): (laugh) "Oh really?"
Resident (1): "Well, I saw her once, anyway."
Explorer Amoxtli: "So you're both from Divinity's Reach. Were you there when Scarlet attacked your city?"
Explorer Savio: "Yeah. I was there for the Queen's Jubilee."
Explorer Kitabu: "I wasn't home, but I lost a cousin in her attack on the pavilion."
Explorer Amoxtli: "Someone very special to me was killed when Lion's Arch fell."
Explorer Savio: "If she wasn't dead. I would've assumed that Scarlet was behind this Zephyrite mess, too."
Anhinga: "Hey, remember that weird sylvari that came through here a while back? Used to live right over there?"
Dabnia: "How could I forget? Her place is still sealed up after all this time."
Anhinga: "Think she's ever coming back for her stuff?"
Gigor: "Lately, the deper we dig, the more of a funny feeling I get."
Foreman Abe: "Oh yeah?"
Gigor: "Like gooseflesh, but you know, inside my skull?"
Foreman Abe: "Yeah? That's, uh..."
Gigor: "Itches something fierce..."
Resident (1): "I'm getting tired of all these birds strutting around everywhere."
Resident (2): "Don't worry about it. They have their claws full, what with all the carrion that fell out of the sky."
Resident (1): "You'd better be right."
Resident (1): "Too many people around here now. I came out here to get away from people."
Resident (2): "Even me?"
Resident (1): (laugh) "You're the exception, sweetheart."
Riot Alice: "Hey, shouldn't you check in at the mine at least once a day? Being you're the "foreman" and all that?"
Foreman Abe: "(sigh) Guess you're right. (grunt)"
Dabnia: "It was a mistake, coming out here. Mining's not for me."
Anhinga: "What were you before you came out here to the wastes?"
Dabnia: "Someone engaged to a guy who was too good for me."
Foreman Abe: "Listen, we're coming up short on the latest haul, and our friends are putting pressure on us."
Gigor: "Yeah, well... Tell our friends that if they wanna feel pressure, they should come down here in the dark and heat with us."
Foreman Abe: "You, uh, you really want me to tell them that?"
Gigor: "No. Just...just tell them we'll do what we can."
Resident (1): "You hear from your aunt?"
Resident (2): "Sure did. She's going to need some more pies."
Resident (1): "Will she be as grateful as last time?"
Resident (2): "Of course"
Resident (1): "Tell your aunt the bakery has her order."
Resident (1): "Bad news. The bakery has too many birds on the roof."
Resident (2): "Can't you drive them off?"
Resident (1): "Not without drawing a bigger flock."
Resident (2): "Well, maybe we'll just have to clip a few wings."
Resident (1): "Look, word came down. Don't harm the flock."
Resident (2): "What if they fly too close?"
Resident (1): "Make sure that doesn't happen. Distract them with something shiny."
Resident (1): "There were only two. I said four!"
Resident (2): "Two for now. Two later."
Resident (1): "I paid you for four."
Resident (2): "Sssh! Keep it down."
Resident (1): "So. Delivery?"
Resident (2): "Two days."
Resident (1): "Usual spot?"
Resident (2): "No, the other one."
Foreman Abe: "Lazy bandits keep using the same threats on us."
Riot Alice: "Yeah, well, they're not so lazy they won't slit our throats if we don't keep their copper coming."
Riot Alice: "Our friends up north want a full barrel of copper in exchange for medicine from now on."
Foreman Abe: "(sigh) It'd be more merciful if they just strangled us in our sleep."
Foreman Abe: "You ever think of trying to get back home?"
Riot Alice: "Nah. Too many Seraph know my face there. This is home now."


Crafting resources[править]