Readings on the Rise

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College of Statics

Readings on the Rise

1325 AE
Experiments Gone Wrong
Metrica Province
(Maguuma Jungle)
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura
College of Statics
Piece Negotiations
Unwelcome Visitors
Unscheduled Delay

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Loading screen at Rata Sum

Readings on the Rise (Повышение показателей), это глава персональной истории персонажей асура которые выбрали College of Statics (Колледж Статики) и завершили главу Piece Negotiations (Переговоры).


Search Rata Sum for the artifact detected by the VOED. (Найдите в Рата Сум артефакт, на который указывает VOED.)

  • Meet Zojja at the VOED's signal location. (Встретьтесь с Зоддджей в месте, на которое указывает VOED.)
  • Acquire the artifact. (Найдите артефакт)
  • Talk to Zojja. (Поговорите с Зодджей)

Search Metrica Province for the artifact detected by the VOED. (Найдите в провинции Метрика артефакт, на который указывает VOED.)

  • Meet Zojja at the VOED's signal location. (Встретьтесь с Зоддджей в месте, на которое указывает VOED.)
  • Employ the VOED to locate the artifact. (Примените VOED, чтобы найти артефакт.)
  • Collect the artifact. (Заберите артефакт.)
  • Return to shore with the artifact. (Вернитесь на берег с артефактом.)
  • Decide your next course of action. (Решите, что делать дальше.)


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Зависит от профессии


Пока Зодджа отвлекает Флакка, поищите артефакт за его столом. После этого вас отправят за пределы инстанса, к центру утилизации на границе с озером в провинции Метрика. Вы встретите подозрительную куманду утилизаторов асура и коротко переговорите с ними, прежде чем погрузиться в озеро, чтобы посмотреть на их "утилизацию". В начале поисков эти асура помечены как нейтральные и могут быть атакованы. Вы можете убить их сейчас, если хотите сделать бегство из озера легче.

Используя VOED, найдите артефакт на дне озера и выкопайте его. После этого вам будет предложено вернуться на берег и сбежать. Все асура из Дознания, которые находятся в озере, станут враждебными и атакуют вас, если вы приблизитесь. Поскольку это подводный бой, то очень легко спровоцировать ближайших представителей дикой природы на нападение, к лучшему или к худшему. Тейо загонит вашу группу в угол, когда вы выйдите из воды, и будет требовать отдать ей артефакт. Теперь у вас есть два варианта, на выбор - вы можете проникнуть в ближайшую лабораторию Дознания (Unwelcome Visitors (Незваные гости)), чтобы вернуть артефакт, или устроить засаду на группу Тейо в пути (Unscheduled Delay (Внеплановая задержка)).






Upon entry to the instance:

Zojja: Hey, Savant. Over here.

Cinematic with Zojja:

Zojja: Pokka's message said you needed help, Savant. And I did promise, so here I am. Lucky for you I enjoy sticking it to the Inquest whenever possible.
<Character name>: That makes two of us. Our VOED readouts indicate the artifact we want is somewhere in that merchant's stall.
Zojja: Who, Flakk? No problem. I've known him for years, and he'd give both ears to collaborate with me.
Zojja: I'll engage him in light conversation and draw him off so you can get a good look at his stock. Grab what you need and we'll move on.
Zojja: It's not really stealing. Think of it as Flakk's charitable donation to the cause of science the name of a better understanding of the Eternal Alchemy.
Zojja: Or, just think of it as "we need it more and we're smarter than him." Whatever works.
<Character name>: Done and done. You turn on the can do that, right? And I'll swipe whatever's lighting up the VOED display panel.

Approaching Flakk:

Zojja: Over here, Flakk. My projects are top secret, for your ears only.
Merchant Flakk: Zojja! After all these years, it's exquisite to see you again.
Zojja: Flakk. I see you've abandoned pure research for the marketplace.
Merchant Flakk: A temporary situation, I assure you. If I thought there was a spot for me on a project of yours, I'd come running.
Zojja: Well I've got a few irons in the fire you might find intriguing. Let me give you a rough prospectus...

Searching amongst the wrong artifacts:

Artifact: Hmm. The VOED readout drops sharply. This is not the object you're after.
Talk end option tango.png

Finding the artifact:

Artifact: This is it! The VOED is going crazy.
Talk end option tango.png

After finding the artifact of interest:

Zojja: Well, always nice talking to you, Flakk, but look at the time. Gotta run!

Talking to Zojja:

Zojja: That was easier than I expected. Flakk was very keen to team a point.
Zojja: But when I mentioned dragons and the Inquest, he started looking queasy.
Zojja: I doubt I'll hear from him again. He seemed to have a lot of important stuff to sell.
Zojja: This is fun. Count me in for the next piece of the puzzle. I'll meet you in Metrica Province.

Reaching the Old Golem Factory:

Zojja: Bad news. This place is crawling with Inquest salvage teams.
Zojja: The lake's indigenous creatures were dangerous enough. Now it's a full-on death trap.
Zojja: Quick, fire up that VOED and let's find what we came for before they do.

Cinematic with Gorp:

Salvage Director Gorp: All right, you cretins. There's an antiquity in that lake the Inquest wants.
Salvage Director Gorp: Hit the water and dive down deep. Flip over every algae-covered rock if you have to, and crush anyone or anything that gets in your way.
Salvage Director Gorp: Whoever finds that artifact gets bumped up a pay grade. Fail, and you'll get thrown down a well to practice underwater reclamation. Move out!
Zojja: That's a lot of Inquest trash polluting the water. I'll be surprised if the fish don't go belly up. We've definitely got some competition.
<Character name>: Competition? More like distraction. Come on, let's find the artifact. Any Inquest cranial-cracking that occurs will be pure bonus.

Cinematic after finding the artifact:

<Character name>: All right, that's two pieces of the artifact in our hands. And from the look of it, there's only one more piece to collect.
<Character name>: Looks as if the missing piece is the same size and shape as the one they stole from us in the first place.
Zojja: Then the only question is, how do we retrieve it? They'll definitely return to their base to study the artifact. That gives us two avenues of attack.
Zojja: One: we intercept them on the road. Two: we wait until they get it home and then break in while they feel secure. It's your device, Savant, so it's your call.

Speaking with Zojja:

Zojja: Either plan is a viable option. Which should we go with?
Talk more option tango.png
We should intercept them before they get back to their base.
Ambushing their caravan could work. I'm sure they'll be suited up and guarded, though. are you sure about this?
Talk quest choice tango.png
Yes. Let's just do it.
Talk end option tango.png
Hang on. Let me think a minute more.
Talk more option tango.png
We should break into their base and steal it back from there.
Breaking into their base could be risky, but effective. Are you sure about this?
Talk quest choice tango.png
I'm sure. We can do it.
Talk end option tango.png
Wait. Let me think for another minute.
Talk end option tango.png
Just let me have a few more moments to think.

Upon selecting option one:

Zojja: The overconfident Inquest will take their sweet time getting the artifact to their lab. Plenty of time for an ambush.

Моя история[править]

Файл:Readings on the Rise.jpg

Мы с Зодджей использовали VOED чтобы обыграть Дознание и добыть вторую часть артефакта. Мы нашли один в торговом ларьке в Рата Сум. Не думаю, что торговец понимал, чем именно он обладал. Зодджа отвлекла торговца разговором и я забрал артефакт. С поддержкой Зодджи и VOED я решил поднажать и найти следующую часть.

Мы с Зодджей снова опередили Дознание в поисках еще одной части реликвии. Мы также использовали наше лучшее оружие, чтобы покромсать Дознание в кашу. Мы вычислили, что существует всего три части артефакта: два у нас, плюс тот, что Дознание выманило у нас. Мы решили что для завершения нашей коллекции, нам необходимо вернуть третью часть у Дознания, силой.

Моя история