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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the equipment. Для the object in the personal story, смотрите Relic (object).

Relics are a category of equipment, available at level 60.[1] They provide special effects to the character, with many relics covering the previous functionality of popular sixth-tier rune bonuses, with other core relics having updated effect compared to the sixth-tier rune they used to be associated with.


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List of relics[править]

  • 40 core relics at launch, available for all players.[2] Additional core relics will be added over time.
  • Legendary Relics will be introduced to Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure during the second quarterly release, some time in 2024. These prestigious relics will offer the convenience of freely swapping between the various relic effects.[2]
    • Players who have already crafted legendary runes will be compensated with significant progress toward unlocking legendary relics.



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What happens to rune slot 6?

Slot 6 will be another stat bonus. Some runes already have a stat bonus here, and those that don’t will have one added.

Can I equip 5 runes and +1 of another set?

You can, as you can now, but this will be giving up the 6-slot bonus of one rune set for the 1 slot bonus of another.

Will relics that launch cover all the special effect from each 6-rune set?

Not all existing 6-slot rune bonuses will be available as relics at launch. We will continue adding additional core relics over time as part of our ongoing commitment to improving our core game features.

Can you explain the note about “choice of three core relics”?

When we say "your choice of three relics,” we mean that you’ll get to choose a total of three relics (exact number subject to change, but that’s our current plan) from among the available core relics.

There are runes that have the same exact stat combinations up to 5 runes and then the 6th rune is different. For example, the runes of the pack, fireworks and surging. Now the rune of the pack actually gives stats (+125 precision) for the 6th rune. But the other two only have the special ability and give no stat bonus. Or does the 25% increase in movement speed count as a stat increase?

In cases like this, we’ll be making sure that runes with duplicate 1-5 bonuses have unique 6 slot stats. In this example, 25% movement speed will count as a stat increase and will be seen on a handful of rune 6 pieces.

Will you be retiring any runes (due to duplicates or otherwise)?

No. All of the existing rune sets will have unique stat combinations and none of them will be removed.

What will happen for rune sets with a special ability on rune 2 and 4?

Unique 2 and 4 slot bonuses will become raw stats. (Boon and condition duration increases are not considered unique and will not be removed from runes.)

Do we need 7 or will 6 that everyone crafted be enough towards the progress?

We recognize most players will have only crafted up to 6 runes, but for players that have crafted seven, the extra effort will be recognized. That said, there is no requirement to make 7 legendary runes.

Why only "progress towards," rather than rewarding the relic itself?

The relic will need to be unlocked separately because relics will have new abilities beyond those covered by runes previously, and the legendary relic will be capable of expanding with new relic releases.

Is the relic choice box granted to each character over level 60, or do you get one per account?

The relic choice box is granted per character.

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