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You are resting in the Arborstone Inn. If you rest for 4 hours, you will become Well Rested and earn bonus experience. The Amount of bonus experience depends on your Arborstone mastery level.

If you are already Well Rested, any elapsed time will be returned to you when you leave the inn unless you log out.

— Внутриигровое описание


Contrary to what the description suggests, the resting bonus applies to the whole Arborstone map area, not just the Inn.


  • This effect is given to a character that is in Arborstone, even while logged out.
  • Every level of Mastery under Arborstone Revitalization gives 5% bonus experience, up to a maximum of 25%.
  • You may log out in Arborstone to build up your Rested-Timer. This applies whether you're on another character or out of the game.
  • Even though the description states that logging out cancels the effect, this does not apply if you logout while being situated in Arborstone.
  • The bonus used to be applied only while in the Arborstone Inn. It was changed to work while anywhere in Arborstone with the March 29, 2022 update.
  • Sitting in a chair will raise the time of the buff by 1 minute 20 seconds every 10 seconds while seated.

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