Risen Priestess of Lyssa

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Final boss of the Cathedral of Eternal Radiance meta event.



  • Will randomly teleport around.
  • Spawns named clones of foes. When targeted by her spell will summon minion of same race and profession as target.
  • Determined
  • Unshakable
  • Defiant



Zhaitan will devour you, just as he devoured our gods.
There is only death and undeath for you here.
You dare defile my master's sacred temple?



  • Infrequently uses a move, in which she is surrounded by a large glowing aura. This will cause constant Daze for anyone facing her. Turning away removes the daze.
  • During time when daze effect is active if facing her will summon large numbers of minions which must be fought through before a successful attack can be made on her.