Ruins of Orr

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Ruins of Orr

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Map of Ruins of Orr

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The Ruins of Orr are what's left of the oldest of the three great human kingdoms on the continent of Tyria. It is located on a peninsula west of the Crystal Desert. Currently it is under the rule of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan which makes its lair in the ruins of Arah. Coupled with his control of the Ring of Fire, Orr's location allows Zhaitan's fleet of undead corsairs to block all sea-based travel to and from Kryta.


Orr was once considered a holy land by all humans, as its capital city, Arah, was inhabited by the Six Gods until the Exodus. When the Six Gods left Orr, its citizens and armies tried to stay out of the politics of guilds, wishing only to safeguard Arah and perhaps eventually be rewarded by the Six Gods. However, when the guild conflicts led to open battles in the holy streets of Arah, Orr mobilized its army to stop the fighting. The armed conflict between the Orrian army and guilds from Kryta and Ascalon ignited the Guild Wars. A brief peace was called in 1070 AE when the charr swept down from the north, presenting a far greater danger to the kingdoms.

Before a unified response could be made to the charr attack, the Searing devastated Ascalon and breached humanity's main line of defense and Charr armies marched through the ashes towards Orr and Kryta. In the year it took for charr forces to make their way to the Orrian peninsula, the nation rallied its armies with high hopes of victory. In less than twelve hours, the majority of the Orrian army had fallen, and the charr had almost reached Arah. Desperate for salvation, King Reza's advisor, Vizier Khilbron, was convinced to venture into the depths of Arah's catacombs where scrolls from before the Exodus were sealed. Khilbron read from an ancient forbidden scroll under the guise of attempting to save the kingdom. However, the vizier had been converted to the worship of Abaddon and sought to destroy Arah using the Charr Invasion as cover.

Khilbron's spell triggered a magical event known today as the Cataclysm. A massive blast rocked the land and a black cloud lingered over the kingdom for weeks, hiding the extent of the damage. When the smoke finally cleared, it revealed that the kingdom of Orr was no more. The peninsula itself had been shattered and sunk beneath the waves, leaving only scattered islands above water. Everything within range of the blast had died instantly. The only creatures left were the wandering dead: those who had been killed so fast that they did not even realize that they had died. The armies of undead would later plague the lands of Kryta under the command of Vizier Khilbron, who had been transformed into an Undead Lich.

For a century the kingdom of Orr slept beneath the Sea of Sorrows. Its undead wandered aimlessly following Khilbron's defeat. Eventually, corsairs took up residence in the shattered islands, plundering what riches remained and preying on trade routes.

In 1219 AE, Zhaitan awoke beneath the ruins of Orr and caused an event referred to as the Rising of Orr. During its waking, Zhaitan forced the fallen peninsula out of the sea, raising the kingdom from its watery slumber, and took control of what remained of Khilbron's Undead. The emergence of Orr was nearly as devastating as its disappearance; the corsair fleets were devastated and a massive tidal wave flooded Kryta, the Tarnished Coast, the Battle Isles and the Ring of Fire.

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  • Jeff Grubb has stated that "It is possible that the cryptic message [in The Path to Revelations] refers to the Dragons – “a land unwaking” could be the risen kingdom of Orr, and answers to the origin of the dragons do lie there."
  • Orr has no Renown Hearts; instead this region focuses solely on a large amount of dynamic events. It has about twice as many as other regions.