Ruins of Power

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Near the center of each Borderlands map, there are five Ruins of Power. Any world that can capture and hold three of the five ruins for two minutes will earn one rank of Borderlands Bloodlust. However, these capture points slowly decay if a team doesn't leave someone guarding the area.

  • Bauer's Estate
  • Orchard Overlook
  • Battle's Hollow
  • Carver's Ascent
  • Temple of Lost Prayers

Once a team has captured at least three of the five ruins, a countdown will begin. If you can continue to hold three or more ruins for the two minute span you will earn the Borderlands Bloodlust buff for everyone on your world while they are in WvW. For each rank of Bloodlust, this buff gives a 50 point increase to attributes and every enemy killed with a finisher will award your world one point. Only one finisher per kill counts towards this value and only players that are worth WXP will award points.

The buff remains yours until another world is able to claim it by capturing and holding three ruins themselves.