Salvage item

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A Salvage item is a type of item that can be salvaged into crafting materials. Salvage items can be gathered through looting slain enemies. All salvage items are tradable, as well as can be sold to vendor. They are all BБазовый rarity.

Similar to crafting materials, they are split between different tiers, with different level monster dropping higher tier salvage item, allowing to salvage crafting materials of higher tier. While there is 6 tiers of salvage items as well as 6 tiers of crafting materials they don't exactly correspond between each other, meaning that salvaging tier 6 salvage item doesn't always grant you tier 6 crafting material.

List of salvage items[править]

Tier 1 (Медная монета) Tier 2 (10 Медная монета) Tier 3 (14 Медная монета) Tier 4 (18 Медная монета) Tier 5 (21 Медная монета) Tier 6 (25 Медная монета)
Bit of Metal Scrap.png Bit of Metal Scrap Skill.png Pile of Metal Scrap Skill.png Jagged Metal Scrap Skill.png Metal Scrap Skill.png Salvageable Metal Scrap Skill.png Valuable Metal Scrap
Brittle Clump of Ore.png Brittle Clump of Ore Weak Clump of Ore.png Weak Clump of Ore Bit of Metal Scrap.png Clump of Ore Skill.png Laden Clump of Ore Skill.png Loaded Clump of Ore Skill.png Rich Clump of Ore
Rawhide Leather Strap.png Rawhide Leather Strap Thin Leather Strap.png Thin Leather Strap Skill.png Coarse Leather Strap Skill.png Thick Leather Strap Skill.png Rugged Leather Strap Skill.png Hard Leather Strap
Shredded Garment.png Shredded Garment Skill.png Worn Garment Skill.png Ragged Garment Frayed Garment.png Frayed Garment Skill.png Torn Garment Skill.png Discarded Garment
Shredded Rag.png Shredded Rag Skill.png Worn Rag Skill.png Soiled Rag Skill.png Frayed Rag Skill.png Torn Rag Skill.png Rag
Tattered Hide.png Tattered Hide Ripped Hide.png Ripped Hide Skill.png Torn Hide Skill.png Frayed Hide Skill.png Filthy Hide Skill.png Salvageable Hide
Tattered Pelt.png Tattered Pelt Skill.png Ripped Pelt 20x20px Torn Pelt Skill.png Frayed Pelt Skill.png Filthy Pelt Skill.png Salvageable Pelt