Salvation Pass

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Salvation Pass

Forsaken Thicket

Salvation Pass loading screen.png
Loading screen

Salvation Pass is the second raid wing of the Forsaken Thicket raid. Players continue to investigate the fate of the missing Pact squad and the mysterious forces north of the Maguuma jungle.

Getting there[править]

The portal for entering the raid "Forsaken Thicket / Salvation Pass" is located in the far northeast corner of Verdant Brink. The in-game map shows an icon for the portal, which can be reached by heading east from Jaka Itzel Waypoint or north from Shipwreck Peak Waypoint. Players must be in a raid squad of up to 10 players prior to entering the portal.


Squad Leader Falgeir

Infiltration and Extraction

(Character name),

Based on the intelligence we gathered after the Spirit Vale operation, we hae reason to believe our missing squad leader is being held deeper inside the bandit complex in the northern Maguuma jungle. We don't know what you'll encounter, but though we've been hearing reports of strange activity behind the outer wall. Be prepared for anything.

Assemble your extraction party at the designated mustering point. Good luck.

—Squad Leader Falgeir


Points of Interest
Point of interest.png
Slothasor's Den
Point of interest.png
Prison Camp
Point of interest.png
Dead Man's Gorge
Point of interest.png
Labor Camp
Point of interest.png
Temple of Salvation
Point of interest.png
Forsaken Thicket Waters
Forsaken Thicket vista

Interactive map[править]

{{#Widget:Zone map v2|map=1062|zoom=4|width=670|height=400|clear=left}}


  • Defeat Slothasor.
    • Slothasor
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Time remaining: 7:00
  • Investigate the bandit camp.
  • Protect the caged prisoners
  • Defeat the three bandit champions.
    • Berg
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Zane
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Narella
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Cage
    • Event bar.jpg
      Red Shield.png
    • Time remaining 9:00
  • Find a way to ascend the cliff.
  • Explore the area ahead.
  • Cull the bandits in the ruins.
    • Bandits remaining: 20
  • Defeat Inquisitor Matthias Gabrel.
    • Matthias Gabrel
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Time remaining: 10:00



Prior to fighting the Slothasor, players can kill or skip a horde of Slublings and Evolved Slublings.


To start the fight, a player must eat the Imbued Mushroom to transform into a Slubling. In this magic transformation, the player becomes hostile to the other players and must eat a poison mushroom to clean the area from poison (green ground). After that, the player becomes Nauseated and can't eat another during 2 minutes, so, someone else must repeat this process. Avoid attacking the player that is transformed. Six Imbued Mushrooms spawn in the boss area.

The squad must rotate in the boss area. Players currently transformed must clear the way until the next Imbued Mushroom and return to damage the Slothasor. Avoid standing in the green ground because it applies poison.
Slublings are always spawning.

Slothasor will focus one random player. The focused player must move it around the room between the poison mushrooms after the fire attack and face him towards the wall. All the other players must damage it from behind to avoid getting hit. His AoE attack spawns 3 circles, one about every half second, on every player. To prevent it from covering all the limited space, players must stand still and dodge in the 3 AoE.
When you have the Volatile Poison effect on you, it will explode and do heavy damage so, move away from group to the farthest cleared area. (similar mechanic as the Time Bomb of Sabetha).
Every 20% of Health, it will gain a break bar. After break, it will Fear twice the entire squad, which will push players into the poison area. Stunbreaks must be used to escape.
When is health is reduced to approximately 40%, it will pulse torment, burning and poison.






Entering Salvation Pass:

<Character name>: According to intelligence, this cave system leads deeper into the complex.
<Character name>: The missing squad leader is somewhere inside, along with whatever else the bandits are guarding.
<Character name>: Keep your eyes open for anything that might lead us in the right direction-or tell us more about our enemy.

Approaching Slothasor (as an Asura):

< Character name>: Wonderful.
< Character name>: Look around for a way out of here. And try not to annoy that... specimen.

Or (as other races):

< Character name>: Oh, great.
< Character name>: Look around for a way out of here. And try not to annoy that... thing.

While traveling to the Bandit Camp:

???: Wait. Where are we? What is this?


???: What's happening? This isn't right.
<Character name>: We're getting close. Keep moving!

Upon entering the Bandit Camp:

<Character name>: We're getting you out of here!
Prisoner: Hurry! The forest is full of them. They'll call in the reinforcements!
Prisoner: Here they come!

During the Bandit Camp event:

Matthias Gabrel: No one leaves!
Zane: Kill the invaders. And then kill the prisoners. They know too much!
Zane: No loose ends! Everyone dies!

After finishing the Bandit Camp event:

Prisoner: Praise Dwayna. We could have ended up like the others if you hadn't come.
<Character name>: What do you mean?
Prisoner: There's more of us, along with a soldier they brought here.
<Character name>: Where were they taken?
Prisoner: To the north. No one they've ever taken there has ever returned.
<Character name>: We've cleared a path to the outside of the compound. Gather your people and head through the cave to the east.
<Character name>: There's a Pact camp at the jungle entrance. They'll tend to your wounds. Go!

Exploring around the Bandit camp (post event):

???: Why are you doing this? What have we done?

At the burning pit:

???: Stop! No! Stop! Please!
<Character name>: These spirits weren't soldiers. They were ordinary people.

Navigating to the ruins:

???: You'll never get away with this. I hope you rot!

Inside the ruins:

???: Where are you? Please, come back!
<Character name>: Weapons out!
Captive: Someone's coming. To your places! Be quick!
Captive: (groan)
<Character name>: What are you doing? We're not going to hurt you.
Captive: You're not with them?
<Character name>: No. We're here to help.
Captive: That's a relief.
Captive: You should leave. Once you see it, it'll be too late.
<Character name>: There's something to see?


<Character name>: See what?
Captive: The extent of their power. Once you've been up the hill... It's hopeless.
<Character name>: Do you know who we are? We're not afraid.


<Character name>: We won't abandon you. That's not who we are.
Captive: Very well. I'll pray for you.


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