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Осторожно, спойлеры: Следующий текст содержит спойлеры, связанные с историей Ghosts of Ascalon.
Savione was the chief courtier of King Adelbern before the Foefire.

He was stabbed to death by the mad king just before the charr assault of Ascalon City. Moments before his death, he recounted what happened to Frye Fireburn, leader of an elite warband of charr called the Fireshadows, who found him bleeding under a table in one of the king's rooms.

He told Frye the king went mad, and was planning to unleash the Foefire. And in an attempt to stop him, Savione was stabbed by the king.

After the Foefire, Savione as a ghost made maps of Ascalon City, with a detailed account of the treasures in the royal treasury. These scraps of papers were released in the wind with the hope that someone would find them and take revenge for him.

In 1324 AE, Savione helped Dougal Keane in finding the Claw of the Khan-Ur.