Scavenger's Chasm

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Scavenger's Chasm

Scavenger's Chasm map.jpg
Map of Scavenger's Chasm

Scavenger's Chasm.jpg
Scavenger's Chasm


Scavenger's Chasm (Пропасть Мусорщика) - это прыгательная головоломка в Hope Falls, Malchor's Leap, возле Pagga's Waypoint.

Как добраться[править]

Чтобы найти вход, следуйте по восточной стороне скал, пока не окажетесь перед водопадом. Возле водопада будет небольшой выступ. Богатая мифриловая или орихалковая жила может указывать на вход. Забирайтесь на уступ, оттуда спускайтесь вниз. Как окажетесь внизу, заходите в пещеру в скале.


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Расположение орбов[править]

Orb Description
1 You can also reach this orb when you first enter - just keep to the left, jumping to platforms as needed - you will eventually get to a platform and see the orb in the tunnel down below. The platform you are standing on is above a staircase - jump down to that, and then across to the orb.

Alternatively, if you have fallen in the water, work your way back to the patterned rock, go down to the platform nearest the waterfall, and jump to the platform on the other side of the waterfall. From there, jump down to a large platform with an Orrian Spectral guard on it. Jump to a platform to the west, then turn around and you will see a tunnel with an orb in it. Go down the stairs, then jump to the orb (it may be possible to jump from the top of the platform without going down the stairs, but your head might collide with the tunnel roof).

2 Underwater in a small cave near where you enter - the entrance to this cave is near the ramp that leads out of the water.
3 As you swim east from Orb 2, you will pass 2 pillars that are submerged (the tops extend out of the water). There is a small underwater alcove right behind them, and in that alcove is a underwater passageway going down. As you enter, turn right - there will be a different color stone ceiling the slopes downward - where it meets the wall, turn to your left, and in the alcove there will be the orb. Note that because you are effectively surround by rock here, it is very easy to get turned around and lose your orientation.
4 From the tunnel with the waterfall that you reach after leaving the water, go to the platform to your left platform, then spin around and you will see a tunnel (as well as an orb on a lower platform to your right). Go through the tunnel, and you can then carefully jump to the platform with the orb (be careful going down the steps to the platform directly opposite so that you do not fall)
5 Starting from the patterned stone, jump to the finger of rock sticking out, then to a platform to the east (tunnel right behind it). Go through the tunnel, and behind it is an alcove with another orb. It may take some fiddling around with jumping and moving to actually get to the point where you can interact with the orb.
6 Work your way back to the top of stone finger (same as Orb 5), but work your way up the steps to the left. Be careful of the large holes in the floor, and you will find some more steps at the back leading to a ramp. Go up the ramp and jump onto the edge of the platform with a big hole in the middle. On the left, jump up four steps and you'll see a huge tunnel with a waterfall going through a hole on the left of the tunnel. Jump into that tunnel and make your way up the steps at the back of it. Jump onto the second rock on the right, and up the four rocks on the left, which will turn you the other direction. Continue forward and up another set of four rocks. Turn left (before the waterfall) and jump onto the wide flat platform on the left. You will now see Orb 7, but work your away along the ledges. As you get to the last one, if you shift the camera around the curve, you will see an orb a few platforms away. Jump the platforms to that orb. You can work your way back for Orb 7 now.
7 At the large platform in Orb 6 that you went northwest, this time go south, and to the west there will be a tunnel. You will see the orb, and there are a few platforms that you need to jump to to get to it - note that one of the jumps is a long jump - this can be done without speed boost, but good timing is needed.
8 Jump back from Orb 7, and facing the small tunnel you just came from, to the left will be a set of steps - at the top you will see an orb - fairly simple jump to get to it.
9 Jump back, and work your way along the right light colored stone (no jumps needed). You will get to the end of the light colored stone and see the final chests. From here, jump to the right, and just keep along the right - you will get a series of stone steps - just jump up them and you will get to a pattern floor with an orb right in front of you.
10 Head towards the orb you see to the northwest - there will be an Orrian guard. Kill it and jump from the platform (northward) to a much lower platform on the other side. This is a long jump - speed boost definitely helps, but not required.
11 From Orb 10, jump down to the platform below, and head back to Orb #8. As you look west, you will see a stone ledge - head towards it (its starting point is not far from Orb 7). Jump to it, and keep working yourself westward - there will a couple platforms, a tunnel, another platform, a roof, and a pillar with an orb on it. You jump to that orb from the roof. Be careful not to overshoot the pillar.
12 Work your way towards orb 6, but instead of jumping all the way to the top, after the slope and a few jumps, there is a platform to your left. Jump to that, and you will see the final chests, and from that platform, jump to the light colored tunnel and then to the floor. Turn around, and there will be a tunnel to the left, with two waterfalls. Go to the end of that tunnel - be careful, you need to position yourself closer to the right wall to jump over the hole for the second waterfall, or use a speed boost. If you fall through that hole, you will fall to your death and need to restart from a waypoint. At the end of the passage, to the left will be a hole in the left side wall - go through it, work your way around the ring, and get the last orb.


Near the chests is a bunch of stone steps to the north - this will lead out of the puzzle to a high platform to the south of Pagga's Waypoint. Be careful on the descent - many of the drops are far enough to kill you.



  • Головоломка сбрасывается ежедневно. Сундуки можно открыть только раз в день, но если собрать орбы, то сундуки можно открыть сразу.